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Pivot: Product Overview

Emily R

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Pivot enables you to generate real-time KAZOO callflows via a REST API. This means your web application can tell phone calls what to do, during the call!

Some examples use cases:

  • Checking an external account balance before allowing a call
  • Routing an incoming call based on custom logic
  • Present menu items and respond to selections based on information in your database

Here’s how it works:When you add the Pivot module to your call flow, you provide Pivot with a callback URL to your webserver. From then on, when KAZOO receives a phone call for a Pivot-enabled phone number, KAZOO sends an HTTP request to your webserver asking it for a new callflow. Along with the request, KAZOO passes information about the call, such as the originating number. Your web application will then generate a new callflow, which KAZOO will run. Since your new callflow can itself contain another Pivot, you have the ability to make completely dynamic callflows.




Routing a call based on accounts in a remote system

Here’s an example where PIVOT is used to check if a customer record exists in Zendesk based on the incoming phone number. If so, the caller is connected to support. If not, the caller is played an audio message.


Create a Call Flow based on a menu selection.

Here’s an example Call Flow where a menu is presented to the caller. Once a selection is made, PIVOT makes a request to your webserver, passing along the menu item selected by the caller. Your webserver then returns a new Call Flow based on the menu selections.

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