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Kamailio not switching to Secondary Rabbitmq


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Hi All

I have 2 Rabbitmq servers in my zone, I configured it in Kazoo apps, ecallmgr and Kamailio. all is working just fine until the main RabbitMQ desfined in Kamailio as primary is down, it is not switching to the secondary RabbitMQ server while other kazoo apps does, it is giving connection timeout while it is connecting with no issues if testing the connectivity using cmd CURL command to the secondary rabbit server.image.png.e908933c96789c59d04282e9e3353556.png

Any advise?


Kamailio settings in local.cfg file is as below:

#!substdef "!MY_AMQP_URL!amqp://guest:guest@!g"
#!substdef "!MY_AMQP_SECONDARY_URL!amqp://guest:guest@!g"




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11 hours ago, abuzooz said:

I have 2 Rabbitmq servers in my zone

that's not supported, you should cluster instead. not supported doesn't mean it won't work, it means you'll need to be prepared for things not working as you may expect.

the kamailio log doesn't show nothing that's not expected, you need to provide real logs (not images), and you should start kamailio, wait for things to be running, kill first rabbitmq, kamailio should connect to 2nd rabbitmq. but as stated above..., this won't work in the long term for a lot of reasons, you're on your own on proceeding with this configuration.

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Hi @lazedo

Thank you for your feedback.

I tried to do clustering for days, but it seems there is no clear way to do it while still compatible with Kazoo. I was able to cluster Rabbitmq, however, Kazoo-rabbitmq service wont start  after clustering as the cluster was using rabbitmq-server service instead of Kazoo-Rabbitmq, as both native Rabbitmq and Kazoo_rabbitmq will be listening  to same port which will make kazoo-rabbitmq service down, hence, Kazoo apps wont be able to conenct to Rabbitmq server.

I tried following below articles how to cluster Rabbitmq in a way that will be compatible with Kazoo, but it didnt work at all

Can you recommend steps or an article to explain how to cluster RabbitMQ in Kazoo environment? or is clustering the only was to have an automatic RabbitMQ failover in Kazoo environment? 

Thanks in advance


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