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  1. Hi Dhruv, the SMS and XMPP settings are useless, all you have to do is to enable presence. note however that, a message will be delivered to all registered devices until one replies with success. for example, if you have 3 (A,B,C) registered devices belonging to a user with a sms enabled number, an incoming message to that number will be delivered to the A device, if it fails, its delivered to B device , if it fails its delivered to C device, if it fails its dropped. if device A is a yealink you may have receive the message (tho you expected it in bria). so, i would recommend to 1) create 2 new users 2) assigned the Bria devices to those users 3) move the sms enabled numbers to those users, or get new ones 4) try it out i have successfully worked with bria & linphone & yealink
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