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"Parking Lot" - Open Source App for Monster UI

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I just made my first Monster UI app: Parking Lot.

The app shows a graphical display of currently parked calls on the system (updated every 30 seconds), with caller information, and the slot where the call is parked. You can retrieve a call by clicking on the caller, or various other points on the parked call box. A quickcall will be initiated between your phone and the parked caller. 

When you rest on a parked call, the user who parked it is looked up and shown. You can click on their name/extension to be connected with them, on the device they used to park the call (you want to ask them questions about the caller they parked etc.)

The application is available at GitHub: https://github.com/ruhnet/monster-ui-parkinglot

No dependencies/external library requirements. GPLv3 License.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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Nice work, we've definitely had clients looking for this type of functionality. 

My suggestion to improve upon this would be to use websockets to initiate a connection that would be updated in real-time as opposed to the scheduled refresh every 30 seconds.   This is how the 2600hz operator console gets after similar data and it actually works quite well!

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Yes, I knew when I started the app that websockets would be preferable, but I was more focused initially on understanding the basics of Monster UI, so decided to just go the easy route with the API. 😄 

I may improve it later on to include a websockets connection. I'm actually considering making an app similar to Operator Console (I've created the icon and folder, and I'll be calling it "Switchboard"), and if I do find time to pursue that, then I will likely use websockets there, and may upgrade this app to support it also. 

Thank you so much for the input---I do appreciate it! 🙂 

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Thanks @tomas_! I haven't implemented it yet, but using websockets is definitely next on my list for this particular app.  I have been busy working on my Kazoo phone provisioner so mostly stopped working on the call parking for now, but at some point I expect to resume and improve this app even further. I'm also looking at making an open source operator console style app. Not sure yet if I will expand this one, or do it in a separate app. 

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