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  1. New commands

    In the PowerPBX install guide ( https://www.powerpbx.org/content/kazoo-v4-single-server-install-guide-v1 ) there is a section that creates a document with all sup commands. Don't know if it's 100% accurate but it seems OK. To just list all commands: /opt/kazoo/lib/sup*/priv/build-autocomplete.escript /etc/bash_completion.d/sup.bash /opt/kazoo And to create the doc for easy retrieval: mkdir /usr/doc /opt/kazoo/lib/sup*/priv/build-autocomplete.escript /etc/bash_completion.d/sup.bash /opt/kazoo > /usr/doc/sup_commands Then just cat /usr/doc/sup_commands to see the list. You can also use grep to search; grep mgr /usr/doc/sup_commands to search for all commands containing mgr