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  1. Thanks! Yes, that seems to work, but only for the traffic to/from the carrier. SIP clients dosen't have any sound, because the internal IP isn't reachable from the outside. I will start a new thread with that issue: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/topic/12691-dual-media-gw-address-signalling Br Tomas
  2. Hi again! I have the same issue again, now with another carrier that connects via VPN (AWS Direct Connect) and not through the public internet. They can't reach our external IP, so it's not useful here. What IP should I use in the configs? Br Tomas
  3. Hi! I can't find this. Isn't it available in open source installs? Br - Tomas
  4. I can also confirm this, in Amazon EC2. But I only needed to change the Kamailio config. Correction; I also needed to add external/public ip to FreeSWITCH server at ext-rtp-ip, otherwise the sound didn't work. Br Tomas
  5. I'm not familiar with your specific issue, and not the setting that _mc mentioned above that sounds promising. However we've created some Pivot scripts to set the diversion header dynamically for each call, that approach might help you. Instead of "account/global carrier" in the "no_match" callflow we use Pivot to launch the script. An example of the output from the script with diversion header could look like this: {"module":"resources", "data":{ "to_did":"NUMBER_TO_CALL", "use_local_resources": true, "custom_sip_headers":{ "Diversion": "<sip:DIVERSION_NUMBER@SIP_SERVER.COM>;reason=unconditional" } } }
  6. We're using diversion header, and it's set inside the Gateways field. Like this:
  7. That doesn't work with cell phones.
  8. It is possible to change the recording, at least if you host your own system. Just upload a new sound file to the file system (preferably /opt/kazoo/sounds/en/us) and use the command sup kazoo_media_maintenance import_prompt /opt/kazoo/sounds/en/us/ivr-group_confirm.wav en-us. Note the filename ivr-group_confirm.wav, which is is important!) About notification on incoming calls we have developed a mobile app (iOS & Android) which sends push notices to the mobile that Kazoo is calling. This notification is received on the mobile before the call comes in, and contains info about the caller and which number he called etc. It's also possible to set up this push so Kazoo sends it directly when the call is coming in to Kazoo, before it connects to the mobile. The app also contains a lot of Kazoo functions, like user settings, CDRs etc. Contact me via PM if this sounds interesting Br - Tomas
  9. Strange, when trying on iPhone it doesn't work with mobile data, only WiFi... I will check further and let you know. Br - Tomas
  10. No, i tried on Android. I can test on iPhone also. I did not do any changes in the settings at all. Just added the account details from Kazoo, see screenshot below.
  11. I tried now and everything works without making any settings besides the SIP Account settings... I can make and receive calls both on Wifi and 4G.
  12. The features we're focusing on is a pop-up function for incoming calls, and also CDRs and maybe call recordings. Click-to-call would also be nice but that's possible with browser plugins so we're not looking into that now. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help, especially in PHP, HTML(5) & Java- / Typescript! Br - Tomas
  13. I'm also looking for an integration to vTiger. Just started to look at it and can share some info later on. Let me know if you're making any progress!
  14. Strange, one of our clients also complained that the MOH is very loud. We've used the same music for years without complains... I uploaded a sound file that I've been edited with Audacity, now the client is happy again
  15. Our Android and iOS app actually has this feature also It's using native Google and Apple Push functionality (via OneSignal), sending a push notice before the mobile rings (initiated by Kazoo webhook Channel Create). It shows who's calling and which number was called etc. However it's not sent until Kazoo trying to ring the device, so a delay in Kazoo wouldn't send the Push earlier (however we can modify the push sending mechanism to trigger when Kazoo rings a user instead).
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