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Dynamic CID - Privacy


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i rent a SmartPBX (2600hz) to a firm "X". I have access on SmartPBX and Callflow in the APP of KAzoo. When i Press "?" i can see this. I blur all sensitive info.



I create myself the callflow, etc. BUT i have two problem:

  1. I can't use the feature Privacy *67 to make a Privacy Outcall. To make a privacy call, i must go on account or user to choose "Hide Name". If i choose "Hide Number + Name", i have the same issue: No call out; bip bip bip bip... My reseller don't find why...


2.I see somewhere there is an APP call "Dynamic Cid". But i can't see it in my App Exchange as SmartPBX, Callflow, voicemail,etc. Iask to add this one to my reseller but he tell me it don't know about this APP... Is there a paid module? Is it only a feature to add by my reseller? I don't see feature code "*2" in relation to use "Dynamic CID".

We have +- 10Number for our company, and some user work for multiple company. Then when they want make a call, they want to choose the number of a precise company. I see it's possible with "Dynamic Cid". For exemple *2(to prevent system to choose the number of a list)01(for exemaple if 01 is define for society "A") Number of call...

Could you help me, explain why i can't and also for my reseller he don't see this? and How it could show this? Pay not Pay? Activate an option in the server... Well all tricks is good :-).


I also see in CallFlow the "Dynamic Cid" but i don't know how to use it. I create a callflow with this but when i use it telll me "Please enter the identity of the caller follow by #". If i enter for exemple #1. It tell me "enter invalid". I don't know where to define the different IDentity :-(. By a Pivot which point to a php file? Please, thanks for your help.




Best regards

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