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  1. Hello RuhNet, first thanks to take time to answer me :-) I already find Xml developer and it's with this i create de xml file but i have issue with T58 :-(
  2. Hello I find it :-) BUT OK with T53W and NOT with T58A :-( First 1 create access of XML Browser in the Phone pointing to Xml File The code of The XML File in the Value: XmlCompanyMenu.xlm <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <YealinkDECTTextMenu defaultIndex="1" style="numbered" Beep="yes" Timeout="5" destroyOnExit="yes" > <Title>Select Company CallOut</Title> <MenuItem> <Prompt>Company xx</Prompt> <URI>http://xxx/Company1xx.xml</URI> </MenuItem> <MenuItem> <Prompt>Company yy</Prompt> <URI>http://xxx/Company2yy.xml</URI> </MenuItem> </YealinkDECTTextMenu> The first Company1xx.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <YealinkIPPhoneExecute Beep="no"> <ExecuteItem URI="Dial: *2 " /> <!-- The two line after serve to add pause between the system hear the first dtmf. These ones add no effect really--> <ExecuteItem URI="Key: STAR " /> <ExecuteItem URI="Key: STAR " /> <!-- From this one, the system capture the number--> <ExecuteItem URI="Key: KEY_1 " /> </YealinkIPPhoneExecute> Like This, *2 is compose and go to my callflow *2 where there is a "Collect DTMF". If i don't put the 2X STAR in the code, then the catch of dtmf is not done correctly. With this trick the Key 1 is catch and i can complete with the number i want compose. It's OK with T53W But with T58A, it doesn't capture my dtmf :-( I try with Multiple STAR etc. Never it catch the DTMF :-( I test: <ExecuteItem URI="Dial:*2" interrupetCall="no"/> <ExecuteItem URI="Key:keypad1"/> <ExecuteItem URI="SendDigits: 1 "/> Nothing take effect :-( If i make a DSSKEY like this: It's ok, the "1" is catch :-( But i don't want to use a line Key for each choice :-( I Prefer the Menu :-) I have no idea to modify in my xml file :-( for information, here is my parameter in my callflow for collect DTMF An other thing i modify the default Codec in the Phone. I delete these And put G722 in First place. Like this, if i compose manually *2(send) then 1 (For choose the first number selection wich will have effect in my pivot) then the number i want call. The call is ok! All Help are Welcom :-(
  3. Hello, I try to understand Xml Browser in DSSKEY in T53W. Actually i have this in DDSKEY: When i press the touch, it compose "*2" then add number "2" as dtmf. But i try to implement this to Xml Browser. Like this, i could create a menu with multiple choice. Because i want to have the possibility to use as extension "1" or "2" or "3".... But i can't find the correct command to put extention "2" in the xml. Here is the code i try <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <Directory> defaultIndex="1" Beep="yes" Timeout="50" <Title wrap="yes">Select Society</Title> <MenuItem> <Prompt>Choice 1</Prompt> <URI>*2</URI> <Selection>1</Selection> </MenuItem> <MenuItem> <Prompt>Choice 2</Prompt> <URI>*2</URI> <Selection>2</Selection> </MenuItem> </Directory> Hope i'm clear :-( Best regards
  4. Hello I try to understand derstand all part of the script. Some questions: Only one file php with all the code? How this part with "http://portal.example.com/pivot/resource-cid-select.php" means i must create reseource-cid-select.php upload on our ftp and the content is with the part wich start "<?php function signalwire($digitspl) { $signalwire = array(....." until the end? Sorry for my lack of knowless :-( May be comment on the code? To resume what i try to do: In the same place, there are users who work for multiple society. They must select the correct number when they place a call. In Belgium, the international format of a call number is +32xx... (32 is the prefix of Belgium). In france the prefix is +33xx.... We will have these numbers for example: Society names "A": 3228992021 Society names"B": 3228992022 Society names "C": 3228992023 Society names "D": 33187651122 When a user(Caller) want to make a call, he can choose the number of the society wich will show on the phone of called. The number of called could be like this form depend on the destiantion fixe or mobile: 32xxxxxxxx 32xxxxxxxxx 33xxxxxxxxx Don't know if i'm clear :-(
  5. Hello, waouuuuu :-) Thank you very much. I will try all this one and come back to you. All seems clear :-) That's very kind of you :-) Thank you :-) Here i'm not at home and come back Monday. At the first hour i try it :-) Best regards
  6. Hello thanks for your reply :-) I have see this page but i'm a very NEWBIE :-( I don't understand how exactly put all this code in a PHP file :-( I understand what to put in the pivot to linking to the php file i want. What i search is the caller choose the outcall number of the society. Exemple: Society A = Number 3221231212 Society B = Number 3229879898 I create callflow with pivot for example with number "2003" How to make the correct php file with code Json Inside to choose the society to make the calloutput.... Sorry for my poor english. I see exemple of make *2(Futurecode i don't have in my smartPBX :-( ) Then choose for exemple 01 (For Society A) then the number of the person i want to join. (Here in Belgium it's like 32(Code of Country) 2(Prefix of Bruxelles) xxx xx xx. I want this if i want Society A. *201322xxxxxxx Thanks for your help :-)
  7. Hello, i try to use the Dynamic CID on Callflow. I don't have access in the APP Exchange. Only see this one in Callflow. But when i create a call flow, it only ask me to enter the identity of caller follow by #. But all i enter is good. How to adapt the code beloww in a PIVOT for example to a PHP file.? Tks The goal is to select one af my 8 numbers in my account to make a call out.
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