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DSSKEY and Xml Browser: Dial Extension


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I try to understand Xml Browser in DSSKEY in T53W.

Actually i have this in DDSKEY:


When i press the touch, it compose "*2" then add number "2" as dtmf. 


But i try to implement this to Xml Browser. Like this, i could create a menu with multiple choice. Because i want to have the possibility to use as extension "1" or "2" or "3".... But i can't find the correct command to put extention "2" in the xml.




Here is the code i try

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<Title wrap="yes">Select Society</Title>
<Prompt>Choice 1</Prompt>
<Prompt>Choice 2</Prompt>

Hope i'm clear :-(


Best regards


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Posted (edited)

Hello I find it :-) BUT OK with T53W and NOT with T58A :-(

First 1 create access of XML Browser in the Phone pointing to Xml File





The code of The XML File in the Value: XmlCompanyMenu.xlm

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<Title>Select Company CallOut</Title>
<Prompt>Company xx</Prompt>
<Prompt>Company yy</Prompt>

The first Company1xx.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<YealinkIPPhoneExecute Beep="no">
<ExecuteItem URI="Dial: *2 " />
<!-- The two line after serve to add pause between the system hear the first dtmf. These ones add no effect really-->
<ExecuteItem URI="Key: STAR " />
<ExecuteItem URI="Key: STAR " />
<!-- From this one, the system capture the number-->
<ExecuteItem URI="Key: KEY_1 " />

Like This, *2 is compose and go to my callflow *2 where there is a "Collect DTMF". If i don't put the 2X STAR in the code, then the catch of dtmf is not done correctly. With this trick the Key 1 is catch and i can complete with the number i want compose.

It's OK with T53W But with T58A, it doesn't capture my dtmf :-( I try with Multiple STAR etc. Never it catch the DTMF :-(

I test:

<ExecuteItem URI="Dial:*2" interrupetCall="no"/>

<ExecuteItem URI="Key:keypad1"/>

<ExecuteItem URI="SendDigits: 1 "/>

Nothing take effect :-(

If i make a DSSKEY like this:



It's ok, the "1" is catch :-( But i don't want to use a line Key for each choice :-( I Prefer the Menu :-)


I have no idea to modify in my xml file :-(


for information, here is my parameter in my callflow for collect DTMF



An other thing i modify the default Codec in the Phone.

I delete these



And put G722 in First place. Like this, if i compose manually *2(send) then 1 (For choose the first number selection wich will have effect in my pivot) then the number i want call. The call is ok!





All Help are Welcom :-(


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