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SmartPBX Removing Caller-ID Number


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Hello @Logicwrath,

Let me see if I understand what you're requesting.  Are these the steps that you're taking?

  1. assign a number to a user
  2. enable caller ID (by default selects the one number assigned to user)
  3. assign a second number to user (still uses the originally set caller id of first assigned number)
  4. unassign the first number assigned to a user that was set as caller ID  << Was this part of your process?

We would expect this behavior if you unassigned the original DID from the user, but not if you simply add a new DID to the user.   Please let me know if I'm on the right track.  In either case, we'll try to help!

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We set a caller-id manually on a user in advanced call flows or through the API.  We need to do this when we are onboarding users and we don't have the phone numbers ported into the system yet.  Next, I go to assign some temporary DID's to users in Smart PBX.  Smart PBX shows the message I pasted above and then removes our manually setup caller-id.  I then have to go back in and set the caller-id again after I assign the DID.

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