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CSV Onboarding - Finding your Device Family


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This week the team has come up with some helpful information about working with the CSV Onboarding application great mechanism to expedite the creation of new accounts or higher volume updates. Feel free to discuss how you use the CSV Onboarding app and any tips or tricks you might have for it! 

When using CSV Onboarding to add a device, you will need to specify the brand and model of the device, as well as the family.  The family of a supported device can be found using your browser’s Dev Tools.

First, navigate to the Devices tab of Smart PBX. Open your Dev Tools by right clicking the page and choosing Inspect. After this in the upper left choose Network, as seen here:


Now, select Add Device and choose SIP Phone, but do not select a brand.


First, select the second response for phones, the Get request.


Now select Response in the upper right of your Dev Tools.


From here you will be able to find the families of your devices based on your brand. For this example, I want to find the family corresponding with the Yealink T46U.

Click the arrow next to Data, then the brand, and then families. This will show the names of each family within the brand. If you are uncertain as to whether your device is in one of the families, select the arrow next to that family. By selecting the arrow for t4x, I can see each of the models under that family.


And there you have it; please definitely also post your questions on this process, and thanks for reading! 



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