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  1. The quickest way I found to determine which is which. The new one when clicked on in app exchange is free while the other specifies a price. The new one also has the description of features (See Screen Shots). So you may need to masquerade as the account and go into the exchange and turn the old one off and make sure the new one is enabled. As you wont be able to know which is which in the account manager apps enabled. I believe the patch is already live so you shouldn't be getting "bad identifier" anymore and if you are you may want to open a ticket. | Looks resolved https://status.2600hz.com/ The patch also fixed the BLF flush function. I was having an issue with it myself and tested after and works without issue.
  2. @AshleyYep that worked! I did run into an issue which I think was unique to my situation as I was running the Sandbox Version on my computer. This caused the Comm.Land App to have an issue loading the account info and I couldn't access anything or the settings. To fix this if anyone runs into it. Uninstall Comm.land/comm.io Navigate to C:\ > Users > %useraccount% > AppData > Local | From there delete anything comm.land or comm.io. I had the following: comm.io-updater | comm.land | comm.land-updater Then same thing in roaming: Navigate to C:\ > Users > %useraccount% > AppData > Roaming | Delete: comm.io | comm.land Install comm.land and login.
  3. Loading Issue: If you are on hosted and go to log in and it gets stuck "loading" (Blue Progress Bar at Top) and nothing actually loads you just need to clear your browsers cache files. (Verified on Chrome) Call Center: If you have clients with call center/pro once they log in it should automate the migration of enabling new call center app and disabling pro. However if you have specific users that you give access to it you will need to go back in and re add them to the new call center app. Default App: Also for us we set the default App as Call Center Pro for our clients to simplify login. Because a good amount are older generation. So if you do this then you would have to go back through and set the default app for them. Otherwise they can just access it like they do any other app. Patch Notes I got from Support: Below are the changes from KAZOO 5.0.337 to KAZOO 5.1.88 Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where Syncing numbers resulted in 504 gateway timeout. Fixed an issue where record starts sends empty URL parameter in API payload. Fixed an issue where Call recordings are shown in sequence but the start time is incorrect for calls with an attended transfer. Fixed an issue where custom filtered call logs are not showing all call logs. Fixed an issue where CSV imported users are not added to the company directory. Fixed an issue where Calls are not recorded due to failure to respect recording inherit feature. Fixed an issue where there are more than 2 recordings for internal ON-Net calls. Features: Added support for comm.land version 2.3 (I did try downloading it from user portal and it was the older version. I have a ticket to support about it and will update this when I hear back. Where it says added support makes me think they haven't deployed it) Improved Call forwarding/failover mechanisms Deprecated Call Center Basic and Call Center-Pro APPS. Now, CC Basic and Pro are a unified App “Call Center” where pro features can be turned on. Enhanced Office Holiday Management Added abilities to allow Pivot request to define custom header values Updated VM system media prompts Lastly I would just like to thank the 2600hz team for all their hard work to create an amazing product. So thank you guys/girls! You are amazing to work with!
  4. Sorry I was not super clear in my previous message. We had it working on our open source 3.22 cluster. Haven't figured out a work around for the hosted one we moved to. Below is from our dev @Staretta You have to do it in two separate spots, Callflows > Device > Click device on the left column > Click Advanced on the right side of the page > Click Options tab > Set Internal Ringtones to internal and External Ringtones to external Note: internal and external must be lowercase, as the advanced provisioner sets them up as lowercase. If you use a different case, it will not work.In the Advanced Provisioner, click the gear icon on the right, followed by Configure > Click Preferences > Under Distinctive Ringtone, select two separate ringtones for internal and external calls > click Save at the bottom of the page.If you are not using the advanced provisioner, and want to do it through your own configuration, you'll need something like this: Note: this is how we set it up on our old system. voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.value = "internal" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.class = "internal" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.3.value = "external" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.3.class = "external" se.rt.internal.name="Low Trill" se.rt.internal.ringer="ringer2" se.rt.external.name="Low Double Trill" se.rt.external.ringer="ringer3" For intercom, we created our own softkey that inserts *0 before the extension. feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1" efk.efkprompt.1.status="1" efk.efkprompt.1.label="Enter intercom destination" efk.efkprompt.1.type="numeric" efk.efkprompt.1.userfeedback="visible" efk.efkprompt.1.digitmatching="none" softkey.3.label="Intercom" softkey.3.action="*0$P1N4$$Tinvite$" softkey.3.enable="0" softkey.3.use.idle="1" softkey.3.insert="2" feature.intercom.enable="1" softkey.feature.intercom="0" We really like a notification sound when an intercom call comes through, so to achieve that we use the following: voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.class="ringAutoAnswer" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="intercom" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.ringer="ringer11" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.timeout="500" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.type="ring-answer" If you're using the advanced provisioner, you can achieve this by going to Preferences > Intercom > Mode - Ring then Answer, which inserts voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.class="ringAutoAnswer" and voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="intercom" into the config already. All you need from there is to add the notification sound with se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.ringer="ringer11" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.timeout="500" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.type="ring-answer"
  5. Are there plans to try and bring on other carriers such as Verizon? We do a lot in smaller towns so sprint and T-Mobile are not great coverage wise.
  6. @DanH Thank you for an update on this! We had this working on our old open source cluster of kazoo. Would it be helpful if I talked to our Dev and see what she did to get it working?
  7. @DanH Hey no worries! Appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  8. @Rick Oh that would be awesome to have it built in! Thank you! Would be kind of cool if there was an option to "tie" it to the business hours set in the SmartPBX or just to manually set them.
  9. This is just something we do to help be more green but also increase the longevity of the screens on our phones. We add a custom override with the following: powerSaving.enable="1" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.sunday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.monday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.tuesday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.wednesday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.thursday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.friday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.saturday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.sunday="0" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.monday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.tuesday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.wednesday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.thursday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.friday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.saturday="0" powerSaving.idleTimeout.officeHours="480" powerSaving.idleTimeout.offHours="1" powerSaving.idleTimeout.userInputExtension="10"
  10. @DanH Can you share the fax adapter you are using? We have been using the Cisco ATA's and they work great but no real remote provisioning without some work and they have gotten pricey.
  11. Good to know! Thank you for this!
  12. Does anyone know of a company or service that integrates a customers account on kazoo to a property management system for hotels and hospitality? Or is a full service hospitality software suite that integrates with kazoo natively?
  13. Does anyone know how to set Comm.Land as the default app for the TEL: protocol? Or is that not a functionality the program has?
  14. In our number manager we have this little settings button next to the numbers and have messaging option. Selecting Messaging gives us the following option. I just wanted to verify if you had this option and make sure its not something simple.
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