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  1. @Rick Definitely don't want to to give the support guys any more to do because we love how fast and detailed your responses are and don't want to mess with that. But I think your suggestion is great. Maybe could also throw in some of the more common questions you guys get too.
  2. I think the new system is great. It would be nice if you had a section in the PAID Client section where it posts the Question and Answer from support tickets of issues that are applicable to Hosted/GC/PC clients. (Just block out the names and person info) I'm sure there a tons of questions that are asked of support that many paid users are wondering and it would save us the client from having to submit a ticket if its answered there and save the time of the support agent from having to answer repetitive questions. As well as having some of the more specific questions that could be useful to all hosted/pc/gc clients.
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