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  1. I did ctrl+f to find "mos" and it didn't find it. But if you find this area and expand "inbound" and or "outbound" it will have MOS score in there.
  2. @vladimir_2600hz Thank you for this info Vlad! It was good to meet you at kazoocon! I'm excited to see the new provisioner. Just the bit you told me and from the presentation. Its going to be awesome!
  3. Integrations for everything. Medical Software, Dental Software, Law Firm Software, O365, CRM and everything in-between. The more we can integrate with the longer customers stick around. Would also like to see an App that utilizes ChatGPT/ AI Agents. Just an app we could connect via API. Be able to limit access to the comm.land app. As well as have trained AI Agents for specific things. So users from comm.land can select the app and have GPT right there. Then build out functionality to it. So it can analyze call recordings and transcribe them. Utilize it to generate reports from call data. Ask it questions such as how many calls did we get today. But then also have the different agents where they can use it to just ask questions. Summarize PDFs ect. Already have ChatServ and ReplyCloud - Would like to see them integrated with comm.land. AI Conversation IVR builder for advanced options as well as just questions such as (What are your open hours or What holidays are you closed) Have some ideas dont have the ability to create them.
  4. So I have a question on this. This is great first of all super helpful. But lets say we are setting up multiple locations at one time. If we setup a provisioning window for an IP. Is it then replaced when we add another? or does it just create a list of IP's and time frames it will allow from?
  5. Has anyone gotten comm.lands screen pop function to work with hubspot cloud? If so would you be willing to share the configuration you used?
  6. This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. This is great for managers to quickly look at their phones and see the status of their call center agents. As well for the agent themselves to know what status they are in so they don't leave themselves logged into the queue.
  7. This is great! Thanks for taking the time to post this!
  8. @tomas_ Its a requirement for STIR/SHAKEN Version 5.1.48 | Hosted | 2600hz Carrier SmartPBX > User > User Features > Caller ID > Number Drop Down > Add New Caller ID Adv Callflow > Users > Select User > Outbound Caller ID Number Drop Down > Add New Caller ID Number Manager > Caller ID Numbers Tab > Add
  9. I am sure many of you have ran into this but just wanted to make a post as it has been a while. When adding caller ID for a number not in the system. You put in the number and need to be able to answer on the line the number is setup on. However, It cannot be forwarded to your direct number for the purpose of getting the call for the PIN. (cant be forwarded in anyway) Areas where you can find this: SmartPBX > User > User Features > Caller ID > Number Drop Down > Add New Caller ID Adv Callflow > Users > Select User > Outbound Caller ID Number Drop Down > Add New Caller ID Number Manager > Caller ID Numbers Tab > Add So in our case we have a separate fax service we use for our medical offices. So we are unable to masquerade their satellite fax numbers ad the primary one so all faxes go into their EMR. Would be nice if there was a way around this. If anyone knows let me know. But it would also be nice if there could be an option in the port process for just caller ID where we can submit a sign document from the customer confirming they own the number and a copy of the bill. To just masquerade the number. (Ill submit a feature request) But wanted to know if anyone else has ran into the problem.
  10. I think the top two options are great. Been liking the TWIL. It would be cool to see more advanced unique uses. Tips /Tricks or creative uses - Monster UI apps. Separate section dedicated to each 3rd Party MonsterUI vendors. For Q/A and questions/suggestions. Product/app showcases that integrate with 2600 Codebase sharing ( scripts, web apps ect) that speed up/optimize/improve utilization ect. Unique issue people have ran into and the fixes for it. Patch Notes posted prior to patch. Upcoming new feature showcase and Q and A. Potential new features discussions and suggestions for said feature. Like the community spotlight. Maybe a forum based showcase focused on business. Marketing tactics that worked, Pricing structures that work well ect. More of a focus on business where we can learn from wins and loses of others. Might even be nice to do like employee spotlights. With employee background, field of expertise and what not. Help put a name to a face
  11. Just to add to this. If you do require a key press. Make sure you adjust the ring time for that user/device. Because the time is still counting while its asking them for a key press. Typically 30s - 45s is sufficient. Also if you run into issues with transferring to cell phone or callthru device. Make sure they are doing a blind transfer and not attended.
  12. If anyone is looking for an SMS Platform provider. I would highly recommend looking at ChatServ. They have a rock solid system and are constantly adding new features. Darren over that has been absolutely amazing to work with. The platform is setup almost support ticket style to ensure no inbound client texts get forgotten. As well as the ability to designate different colors so you can have a color for a specific department or action. Also has the ability for webhooks to be passed from kazoo to the sms platform to send text messages out. For example if you have an office that is busier call volume wise you can give customers the option to press X and receive a text message and be helped through text. It supports Teams and shows their status. You can also assign text messages to specific people. So if you have say a receptions fielding text messages. She can see what the customers needs are then assign it to the correct agent. They have tons of new features they are working on and if you have a suggestion they are willing to look at it and if it makes sense for them to add it they will! Cant say enough about how well we have been treated by them. I wish more businesses operated how they do. Has the ability to allow users to have multiple numbers/locations assigned to them. It supports multiple carriers include 2600/BW | Inteliquent/Sinch | Telnyx If anyone has any questions about the service I am happy to answer them. https://www.fastdeviceusa.com/
  13. @esoare Yeah I am not the best at titles but I dont think it will let me change it maybe @DanH can update for me so its easier for people to find it.
  14. This has been great for our medical offices. We can throw everyone into the same Queue. Then setup skills for billing, MA, and Appointments. It really helps the client start to see where their call volume is and where additional skills are needed to bring down hold times. Cant wait for the Press X for a call back. Hope to see that soon! Also if you use something like xarios for advanced reporting there is an erlang call center staffing tool you can find online that lets you enter in desired metrics like hold time and help time and it will give you a staffing chart. Would be kind of cool to see that built into the Call Center so clients can pull metrics from that and say they want to hit xy and z and it will use that calculator to help give them a staffing guide based of historical data.
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