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I'm a dev working on a telecom platform mainly used for usage based billing.

We have a customer using kazoo and now I'm integrating our system with kazoo/2600 api, mainly to retrieve information. I'm trying to find how to get the license count using the api.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hello welcome to the forums! You might find the developer docs more helpful https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/. Specifically on Users & Devices https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/devices/ https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/users/. Possibly on services API, https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/services/#get-account-service . Sort of depends on what customer you are targeting exactly :)

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Thanks Rick. I already went over the documentation but cannot find what i'm looking for.

My knowledge is very limited about the kazoo 2600hz platform. Find below a list of stuff my customer is saying he his getting billed from kazoo. (table below)

What i'm trying to do is get the count by account_id

  • How do I get the number of "Call Center Agent"
  • How do i get the number of Call Center Basic License"
  • ...

The number of device is easy to get, but regarding the rest, I have no idea. Again, any help is really appreciated!


  Service Rate Quantity Discount Monthly Charges  
  BYOC Transit $100.00 2   $200.00  
  Call Center Agent $10.00 2   $20.00  
  Call Center Basic License $0.00 1   $0.00  
  Call Center Pro Agent $13.00 3   $39.00  
  Call Center Pro License $0.00 1   $0.00  
  Call Recording Application $10.00 2   $20.00  
  Call Recording License $99.00 1   $99.00  
  Device $2.50 250   $625.00  
  Microsoft Teams $2.50 7   $17.50  
  Silver Support Plan $500.00 1   $500.00
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@RSdev You are pulling the billing summary data for the top level account. You would need to pull the relevant data from the child accounts you are targeting. For example if you wanted to find how many devices account XYZ had, you'd want to do a GET on {ACCOUNT_ID}/devices. ref: https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/devices/#fetch. If you have any more questions, please put in a support ticket via your client and we can help you there

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