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  1. @J-tt You might want to post this over in https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/8-system-administration/ . IDK how much traction you get on specific technical questions here.
  2. Welcome Matt! Happy to have you aboard! So, you a Pat's or a Gino's man? :)
  3. Rick


    Wow, sounds awesome! You might want to chat with sales about comm.land as well. LMK if you’d like me to connect you up
  4. Hiya! Well you are in good company here then! Let us know if we can help at all!
  5. Welcome to the forums Nick!
  6. Welcome @FlashModz! Quite a goal you’ve got there! Please let us know if we can help at all 😀
  7. Rick


    Welcome @JordanTM! Happy to have you here, hope you enjoy!
  8. Rick


    Hi @NmSmith! Hope you enjoy the community :)
  9. Rick


    Hello! Let us know if we can be of any assistance! @DanH Maybe we hook up a Kazoo Academy account for @v1t83? Would be a good way to see whats what 🙂
  10. So this would be an insane level of work if we did it for all our tickets and the honest truth is that the vast majority of the tickets simply aren't applicable outside that particular client and often even outside that particular instance even. Though, most of @Skunkbeard's tickets would probably be useful for most. He asks really good questions TBH. 😀 So, with that all said, support has a "This week I learned" meeting T(w)IL every week. Basically everyone on support's expected to bring things they've learned pretty regularly to the group and share. There's only three rules: 1) It has to be something THEY learned even if they think/know everyone else already knows 2) Everyone needs to be supportive of others. Absolutely no "you didn't know that" junk 3) Everyone has to keep learning new stuff As long as the community is good with keeping that spirit, I think this could be awesome. We don't have any "newbies" in support right now so all the topics are generally going to be pretty advanced. We've got two years of archives though. So, we could maybe do a public summary of the current and a past week and post them. Maybe round robin the task among the support team... Hmmm... Probably need the Support Manager's sign off. What think @Ryan?
  11. Rick


    Well we are glad to hear from you! Sorry, not trying to force out lurkers. But we needed to do something about spammers hitting us hard :) Hope you are enjoying 2600Hz's products and the community!
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