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Modifying 183 response to 180 response on inbound calls


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Hello kazoo folks. We want to know if we can alter the SIP 183 response to 180 on any setting of kazoo for inbound calls. My operator does not sending ring to caller on receiving 183 and suppresses early media. Help will be much appericiated


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On 6/8/2023 at 3:44 PM, Mooseable said:

You can try setting "ignore_early_media" on your offnet/carrier, which may solve your problem. This will send ignore_early_media to freeswitch, both 180 and 183 will trigger your fake ringing from FS to the handset.

I tried to set it on the resource, but it doesn't work.

Is there a way to force FS to execute ring_ready even with a single device?

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I resolved this by introducing a kamailio between FS and operator and configuring kamailio to send 180 immediatly after 183 . 

 if ($rs == 183) {
            if ($si == "x.x.x.x" || $si == "x.x.x.x") {
                $var(msg_body) = $rb;
                $var(content_len) = $cl;
                $var(to_user) = $tU;
                  change_reply_status(180, "Ringing");

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