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  1. One day, I might do a part 2, or even an updated version for more recent versions of couchDB :) If only I had more hours in the day to do all the things I wanted to do :/
  2. This is not the forums for Kazoo Pro (which I believe are knock-offs of the official 2600hz.com licensed apps). I doubt you will find any help here.
  3. Token restrictions will allow you to block "CREATE" "DELETE" operations for certain endpoints, though I've not implemented this myself yet; https://docs.2600hz.com/integrator/applications/crossbar/doc/token_restrictions/ Not sure how to handle the CLID without writing your own app at this stage (though this is something I will be looking in to myself soon)
  4. @kazte, yes, what you are after is possible. You can have pre-paid or post-paid accounts. You can apply a limit to post-paid accounts too. In the event an account exceeds its limit, it will terminate calls. You simply need to set an account to be pre-post paid and set the limit. You also need to ensure the Jonny5 app is running. By default, limits are per-month (though you could use the API to "top up" an account or change its limit on a more frequent interval). Limits apply to resellers also. When an account underneath a reseller account makes a call, the reseller account is also charged for that call. Likewise the root/superadmin account by default is also charged for the resellers calls (charges all the way up the chain). Each account may be charged a different rate (based on their ratedeck). You can choose NOT to charge a specific account (useful for the root/superadmin account) by using "flat rate trunks". Ratedecks can be at the system, reseller or account level. Hotornot is the app in charge of figuring out how much to charge for a call (it does the call rating) Jonny5 enforces the limits (it does limiting). I personally do not know how often Jonny5 checks limits/credit.
  5. Posting logs helps. do a search and replace for IP addresses, usernames, realm/domain names and node names ideally. Logs should show the device being looked up and found as well as an invite to the device in freeswitch.
  6. Instead of having a ruleset for when they are open (if the open hours go over midnight), define when they are closed. Then when the temporal rule is true, route to your voicemail/ivr/whatever. Then set all other times to go to your "Business Hours" route.
  7. You need hotornot and jonny5 running what is the output of kazoo-applications status When you run rates_for_did, you have to specify more than just the prefix. eg; if your prefix is "918708" then add at least one more digit to it (ex: sup hotornot_maintenance rates_for_did 9187080)
  8. Yes https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/crossbar/doc/phone_numbers.md or https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/phone_numbers/ /v2/phone_numbers?prefix={PREFIX}&quantity={QUANTITY}&offset={OFFSET}&country={COUNTRY} should return numbers, and their status. Don't know if it shows who it is assigned to. Worst case, you could loop through accounts and use GET /v2/accounts/{ACCOUNT_ID}/phone_numbers Someone might know a better method, or you can look at how the number manager in monsterui does it.
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