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Requiring a keypress for leaving a voicemail, configuration disambiguation!


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Hi all, TWIL returns from hiatus again this week with a bit of conundrum-clearing content for your consumption, specifically in the voicemail config sphere of things. I'm going to make two statements now:

  1. "Use Cellphone’s Voicemail" and "Require Key Press" affect the same function but are found in different apps within Monster UI. 
  2.  Requiring the keypress cannot also use the cell phone’s voicemail as you need to press 1 to accept the call, which will not work as a cell phone's voicemail system isn't capable of sending DTMF of 1 to "accept" the call to leave a voicemail.

Additionally, to further clear things up, THIS setting in SmartPBX for the editing of a cellphone device...:




Affects the same internal functionality as this setting for the same device as edited in Advanced Callflows: 




I hope that clears things up for everyone as much as it did me, a benign eccentricity that adds charm no doubt, but helpful for those making use of the feature! 

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Just to add to this. If you do require a key press. Make sure you adjust the ring time for that user/device. Because the time is still counting while its asking them for a key press. Typically 30s - 45s is sufficient. 

Also if you run into issues with transferring to cell phone or callthru device. Make sure they are doing a blind transfer and not attended. 

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