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Setting a BLF for queue status


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Hello community, we're back with another installment of insightful TWIL knowledge, thanks again to our intrepid support team! This week we get a little deeper than we have so far: we're rolling up our sleeves and playing with APIs in this one, so please be sure you're familiar and comfortable with basic API usage concepts before diving into this one. As a reminder, the Kazoo Academy bootcamp course covers the basics of APIs for Kazoo and some basic concepts in this area (including using Postman), in particular Level 6: Basic APIs, so it might be worth a visit if you need a refresher or an intro into the world of APIs. 

If you've ever wondered about other possible use cases for the BLF functionality of modern office phones, and you happen to use our wonderful Call Center application, good news! You can set a BLF key to see if a user is Logged out a Queue,  Away and Ready.  In order to do this, you will need to configure a ‘Presence_ID’ in the Qubicle settings for the user via the API, also the user will need to be a member of a queue in call center.

Using Postman you can pull up the users API by using the following path:


Once the API is pulled up, scroll down to the Qubicle section and add:


Value can be anything, but has to be unique to the user. See the below example:



Once the Queue Presence ID is added to the user,  you can use Advanced Provisioner to add the Queue BLF key by using the Presence ID:




The BLF states correspond to the following recipient states:

  • (Green)IDLE: logged out
  • (Flashing Red)RINGING: logged in, but away
  • (Red)ON-A-CALL: logged in, ready


And there you have it: a clever use of BLF for a quick visual reference of queue status! 


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This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to put this together.  This is great for managers to quickly look at their phones and see the status of their call center agents. As well for the agent themselves to know what status they are in so they don't leave themselves logged into the queue. 

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