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Caller ID Hierarchy


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Hi Community, back again this week with an interesting bit of structural information, this time about the order of precedence in setting and observing caller ID. As you likely know, there are many places to set a caller ID within an account, however in the case of a conflict or collision, there is an order of operations applied when determining what actually shows up on someone's device when a call is placed. We will refer to this as the "caller ID hierarchy", and below we'll describe how that flows and is set, in order of "least specific" to "more specific" (the "winning" definition is the one that is used/displayed):



Account Level:

Within Callflows > Account, you can set the caller ID; if no other caller ID is set, this is the caller ID that will be used. This will also be the caller ID set as the Main Number in SmartPBX, as seen below: 


User Level:

Within Advanced Callflows > Users > Advanced > Caller ID, you can set a caller ID; this will override the account Caller ID and will be used when a call is made; this can also be set in SmartPBX. The following is the view from Advanced Callflows:


Device Level:

In Advanced Callflows > Device > Advanced > Caller ID, the caller ID may be set and is the most "specific" caller ID setting possible; this will override the Account  and User Caller ID, and will be used when a call is made, this setting can not be set in SmartPBX:



There you have it, the "order of precedence" for setting a caller ID and which will "win" when multiple instances are defined! If you would like to see this and other settings discussed and demonstrated in video format, head on over to Kazoo Academy: Bootcamp to sign up for our learning platform and observe all these features in SmartPBX and Advanced Callflows. 

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