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  1. Hello @Christian King and welcome! Looks like you've already got your eye on the horizon, and I hope we can be a resource to you in that pursuit!
  2. Hello @Karthik M and welcome to the forums! Sorry for the delay on this response, and I would advise you review the following forum categories for the area which best matches the problem you're trying to resolve here, and my suspicion would be that those areas would be a part of this section of the forums: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/7-advanced-topics/ Please follow up there with another post and provide as many possible details as you possibly can in the first go, a thorough forum post replete with specific information about the nature of the error and use case goes a long way to making the community support process a lot more fluid. Thanks for joining us!
  3. DanH


    Hi @vivek and thanks for joining us, and that might be my favorite part of this whole world, the sweeping potential of it all! YOU have a great day as well! 🙌
  4. DanH


    Hey @rmullins thanks for coming out of that woodwork, and no worries, there's always time for KAZOO! 🤙 Also thanks for that report, that might best be relayed in one of the following forums, most likely general Q/A or installation/configuration (dealer's choice): https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/8-system-administration/
  5. Hello @zaben and welcome to the forums! I think the more time you spend here, the more potential you'll discover with KAZOO, just sayin', and high five from one who was at one point a rubyist as well! You'll probably want to check out the following forums for more specific dev-type help: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/35-developer/
  6. Hello @OliverIN and welcome to the forums! Thanks for joining us, and we're excited to be a part of your learning journey for KAZOO and everything involved in that!
  7. Hi @Maxv78 and welcome! I'm also in Italy, high five! Benvenuto e grazie per il complimento, ti auguro una piacevole esplorazione qui! How are you using KAZOO in Italy? I'm very curious!
  8. DanH


    Hi @Alex1977 and welcome to the forums! That sounds pretty particular, but based on how much people like our version of that in our Monster UI application SmartPBX, I'd say it's a worthy undertaking! Are you thinking about developing that as a standalone project as open source, or would you like to know more about our in-house solution for that if you've not yet been acquainted with it?
  9. DanH


    Hi @JustinVI and welcome! Very glad to have you and your wealth of experience in this area, thanks for joining us and looking forward to seeing how you get in the mix!
  10. Hi @Kronosun and welcome! Looks like you already discovered the right areas for questions like these, I saw this here: Thanks for joining us and for jumping right in, I hope you find the community resourceful and helpful!
  11. Hello @J-tt and welcome! Excited to have you here and testing the waters with KAZOO! Were you referring to a direct KAZOO installation guide for your own servers?
  12. Hi @Eric Bramini! Fantastic, love this intro and your insights right off the bat! Very glad to have you and your substantial wealth of wisdom and understanding in this very particular world of ours here in the community, and also thrilled to learn of your early exploration of KAZOO as a platform, it seems you're picking up what we're trying to lay out and that's the dream right there. Are we vibing at 2600Hz right now?! Welcome again and thanks for joining us!
  13. DanH


    Hi @Seb! Wow thanks for that intro, very glad to have you here! Right, what you've described does represent a pretty serious technical challenge, and it's true that many things in the world of dev are a moving target of sorts. As KAZOO continues to evolve, so too does the knowledge base. I hope that the community here is a resource to you and your team, and that you see the value in contributing back what you've learned along the way in the spirit of a collaborative community! I would first start here with all dev-related subjects: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/35-developer/ Just as an aside and in no way a plug of any kind, we do happen to have a Professional Services team that exists to extend technical knowledge and customized solutions in many ways, in case you weren't aware, and they can be contacted for more information through our sales team. In any case, we look forward to participating in your journey and seeing what turns up!
  14. Hello @Brian Stone! Thanks for joining us here in the community, and thanks for being the support your clients need with KAZOO. I hope we are a resource to you and by extension them!
  15. Hi @SamSip, glad to have you with us!
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