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  1. Hello community, we have another TWIL installment for you here in the form of a specific softphone setup. Zoiper is a popular softphone with a large user base that many in the Kazooniverse have used with great success on the platform. Those familiar with our hosted platform also know that registering devices of all types to specific zones is a practice that can be helpful for testing or optimising different geographic factors. Here we have a brief guide on how to set your Zoiper softphone up on a specific zone as your needs dictate! In Zoiper, click on the 'gear' button next to the account you are using to open up the settings menu. See below: Once in the settings menu, click on accounts and select the account you wish to modify. Enable “use outbound proxy” and enter the zone you wish the app to register over, as seen below: On zswitch, our hosted platform, these zones are: us-east.p.zswitch.net us-central.p.zswitch.net us-west.p.zswitch.net And voila, your Zoiper softphone will now register specifically over one of those geographic zones!
  2. Hello community, we're back with another installment of insightful TWIL knowledge, thanks again to our intrepid support team! This week we get a little deeper than we have so far: we're rolling up our sleeves and playing with APIs in this one, so please be sure you're familiar and comfortable with basic API usage concepts before diving into this one. As a reminder, the Kazoo Academy bootcamp course covers the basics of APIs for Kazoo and some basic concepts in this area (including using Postman), in particular Level 6: Basic APIs, so it might be worth a visit if you need a refresher or an intro into the world of APIs. If you've ever wondered about other possible use cases for the BLF functionality of modern office phones, and you happen to use our wonderful Call Center application, good news! You can set a BLF key to see if a user is Logged out a Queue, Away and Ready. In order to do this, you will need to configure a ‘Presence_ID’ in the Qubicle settings for the user via the API, also the user will need to be a member of a queue in call center. Using Postman you can pull up the users API by using the following path: http://{SERVER}:8000/v1/accounts/{ACCOUNT_ID}/users/{RECIPIENT_ID} Once the API is pulled up, scroll down to the Qubicle section and add: "presence_id": "Value", Value can be anything, but has to be unique to the user. See the below example: Once the Queue Presence ID is added to the user, you can use Advanced Provisioner to add the Queue BLF key by using the Presence ID: The BLF states correspond to the following recipient states: (Green)IDLE: logged out (Flashing Red)RINGING: logged in, but away (Red)ON-A-CALL: logged in, ready And there you have it: a clever use of BLF for a quick visual reference of queue status!
  3. Welcome @HugoC and thanks for joining us in the community! Be sure to watch for updates on those releases and come back here to discuss them!
  4. Hey @Skunkbeard and @tomas_, so I just checked with the team and the official response on this was as follows: Unfortunately due to the nature of the STIR/SHAKEN compliance requirements, the workaround proposed isn't possible for hosted accounts based on how the authentication works on our platform. However, this would be an option for Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure customers as they manage their own compliance with those requirements. I hope that's helpful in some way, and thanks for bringing this up, interesting area and use case!
  5. @Skunkbeard Thank you for this! I was signed into my testing account for other shenanigans and didn't see this, sorry for the delay! I'm also going to ask the team about that workaround, that's an interesting one, I'll have to put on my robe and wizard hat to get into the Cabal of Fax archives but we'll see what we find. EDIT: I may have misread that a bit, the actual workaround would be for getting the call to be forwarded in that scenario of the number not complying with STIR/SHAKEN requirements (not being owned by the account), not exclusively for fax purposes though but as an example; still going to check on that with the team, still dressing up for it.
  6. Just stopping by to say thanks for the input folks, I'm discussing then feedback with the team and am keeping tabs on this thread, just as a heads up!
  7. DanH


    Hi @AaronFM thanks for joining us; apologies for the delay here, this one slipped past me! That is an interesting use case and I am curious to know more, so I'm glad you've decided to enter the community and I hope this proves to be a resource to you in all your endeavors!
  8. Hi @LogicalBot! Welcome to our forums and community. We're excited to have you here and for you to share your perspective from the Australian small business world, and I hope we can also be of service!
  9. Hi all, Please use the poll and this thread as an opportunity to check in and let me know how we can improve the overall community experience here for all us Herzians, thanks for reading and for your time!
  10. Hi all, TWIL returns from hiatus again this week with a bit of conundrum-clearing content for your consumption, specifically in the voicemail config sphere of things. I'm going to make two statements now: "Use Cellphone’s Voicemail" and "Require Key Press" affect the same function but are found in different apps within Monster UI. Requiring the keypress cannot also use the cell phone’s voicemail as you need to press 1 to accept the call, which will not work as a cell phone's voicemail system isn't capable of sending DTMF of 1 to "accept" the call to leave a voicemail. Additionally, to further clear things up, THIS setting in SmartPBX for the editing of a cellphone device...: Affects the same internal functionality as this setting for the same device as edited in Advanced Callflows: I hope that clears things up for everyone as much as it did me, a benign eccentricity that adds charm no doubt, but helpful for those making use of the feature!
  11. Hi @voiceuser! Sorry I missed this intro of yours! We're pretty busy with Kazoocon preparations and such right now, which by the way if you're in the area at the time, GREAT way to get well immersed in the Kazooniverse! This year it's at the fabulous Palms in Las Vegas on October 23-25. To read more about the event, checkout https://www.kazoocon.com. To register, head to https://kazoocon.rsvpify.com/ As far as your use case, that makes a lot of sense from a workflow standpoint, definitely can understand the drive to get that setup process streamlined as you mentioned. I would suggest checking out the /Developer forums for help with that API angle, found here: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/35-developer/ Also, you might want to check out our CSV Onboarding application for more setup streamlining! Here is a link to some documentation about it (this is a little outdated, we are working on new documentation all the time though): https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/monsteruiapps/csv-onboarding/171_user-resources/ I hope that helps, and thanks for joining us!
  12. Hi everyone, Stopping by to let you know we've just launched a new course on the basics of provisioning and using the Advanced Provisioner application, you can find it here: https://kazooacademy.com/courses/course-v1:2600Hz+004+course_v1/about As always, feedback is welcome, appreciated, requested and all!
  13. We're BACK! It's finally happening again, the greatest assembly of Kazoo lovers this side of Beaufort SC, Kazoocon returns! This is just the first post of several to come, but I was given the green light to share the now-live registration page for this year's Kazoocon (KZC as I like to shorthand it): https://kazoocon.rsvpify.com/ A preliminary note: please be sure to use your full name when registering as this will be used later on in the event! Stand by for updates, and as always reach out if you have any questions!
  14. Hello all, got another good one from the support team for you today. This one is a great management tool for those cases of possible user error, and is how to access voicemails that users have inadvertently deleted, or for whatever reason have need to access after deletion. As always, please leave your comments and questions below to spark up discussion and communal knowledge sharing! If a user has deleted a voicemail that is still needed, deleted voicemails can be retrieved for up to six months from the Voicemail Manager application. Select the Voicemail Manager application, choose the mailbox where the message was deleted, and select that message using the checkbox to the left: From here, select the center box to choose Mark as New: The message will now show as new. Even if the message was deleted via a user’s physical phone, their voicemail alert on their phone will begin to blink with a new message again.
  15. Hello everyone, It's been some time since the first releases of KAZOO Academy (which I will usually refer to as KZA shorthand, and you can too!) courses, including Bootcamp and some other standalone courses, and I wanted to check in with folks to see where we're at with things. Mostly, however, I am looking to get feedback from the community on what would be most appreciated in terms of training material and courses for as-yet not-covered areas of KAZOO or the greater ecosystem around it. I will spill the beans a little and tell you I am currently working on an entry-level course for Provisioner and provisioning in general, which should be coming along shortly and will be uploaded to the LMS like the others. So, that being said, please use this thread to drop by and mention what you're looking for in a KZA course for upcoming releases, and thanks for being being early participants in this learning management project!
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