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Call Center Reporting Requests


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Hello Team,


I wanted to foward this along as a feature reqeust for Call Reporting for Call Center Basic and to see if we had any time lines for the ability to "Pull Reports".  The below is some information one of our Partners is asking about and so i wanted to post this in the Community for Feedback.

In addition to the reporting requests below Partners of ours are also asking for any potential time lines for reporting and what reporting might be provided?

They wanted to be able to see a line graph of how many callers were in queue, avg wait times, abandoned calls, missed calls and how many agents were logged in over a month period. I know all of this can be seen in the live view. But, it’s just not the same as being able to "pull a report." 

Another request would be:

-Abandoned Callers called back on the same day and were routed successfully?  (feature request?)



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Hey Erik,

Thanks for the feedback! Have you filed a feature request at 2600hz.atlassian.net yet? I know the qubicle team is working on reports. There are some data points already available that you can take advantage of if you are running your own cluster. Let me know if you are, and I can provide some help in that area. Otherwise, I think you're waiting on 4.2 for better reporting (I could be wrong on the version, but i believe it's 4.2).

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