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  1. Yeppers. When they are transferred via Kazoo from one FS to the other, the INVITE is missing all the X-headers, and thus on CHANNEL_DESTROY, none of the important CCVs are present
  2. Does this bullet point indicate that, when a conference is on FreeSWITCH 1 and a second call starts to process on FreeSWITCH 2 and then must be transferred from FS2 to FS1 to join the conference, that the custom channel vars are maintained and thus the channel events emitted would have the custom channel vars like owner_id?
  3. Looks great guys! I also understand there are some performance enhancements in 4.2, so don't forget to showcase them! As part of the qubicle updates, will there be an event emitted when an agent gets on and off a non-queue call since qubicle is now aware of non-queue calls? "Added ability to load all queues and recipients with single API call" - What is this new API call? Any update on wiretap with the queues? As part of the call recording storage updates: "Improvements to Call Recording storage - Ensure storing call recordings to an HTTP URL works as expected (Google Drive / AWS)" Does that indicate that these storage options are supported in 4.2?
  4. @amn Are you a hosted customer of 2600hz, or are you asking "As a service provider, how do others handle resellers/customers bringing their own carriers?" - I ask, because I don't know how 2600hz hosted platform handles those. As a service provider with your own cluster you have a few options. You can create carriers in the offnet database that require that flag in order for them to be used. Then, in those accounts, you'll set that flag on the devices. This will fulfill the outbound requirement. Inbound is pretty straight-forward; add them to your ecallmgr ACLs, and the numbers will route as they will. There is also some functionality in the 'resource' callflow module (newer version of 'offnet') that allows for a specific account to have its own carrier list. For more dev info on that, take a read on this article and let me know if you have additional questions: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/callflow/doc/resources/
  5. @martin Welcome back! There have been significant improvements in Kazoo in the past few years. Check out the doc site for starters. There are some tutorials on system installation of the 4.1 version, and a lot, lot more documentation on the APIs and other inter-workings of the application. It's a developer's best tool! https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/intro/about/ I absolutely love your enthusiasm and willingness to contribute; that goes really far around here. Unfortunately I'm not able to answer a lot of those questions because I'm not a hosted customer of 2600hz, and I don't know the issues that you were running to in the past. From my experience working with their APIs, everything that you've listed in bullets 1 and 2 is working. Call rating I'm a little fuzzy on because we don't use that particular feature. The limits in jonny5 work great. I have no experience with braintree. I can't speak to 2600's position on carriers, so those questions I'll leave to @Darren Schreiber As for documentation - I guess it depends what kind you are interested in creating. That will determine the best place for them, and I know Darren can also assist with that question. Great to have you back in the community! I look forward to helping you out where I can!
  6. @mc_ - you beat me to it! Based on conversations I've had about our own scalability, Kamailio servers support between 25-50K devices per box. This number varies based on BLF subscriptions and SIP timers such as keep-alive OPTION messages, REGISTERs, and general call volume. Kamailio is cluster-able, so with the use of SRV records, you can spread the devices out across many servers. I suggest doing N+1 to ensure that if a single server or zone goes down, the remaining infrastructure can take on the rest of the load. FreeSWITCH scaling is more reliant on usage data in calls per second, and whether certain features are turned on like video, encryption, etc. I'm not sure I agree with James on the 'lots' of growing pains, but as mentioned, in every deployment there are different use-cases and potential ceilings that have never been hit before. The one thing I can say is that 2600 has addressed every issue we're ever had with scaling very professionally and prioritized based on any customer impact.
  7. Apologies, I hit the 'submit' button a bit fast! Out of your 250K, are they all hosted, or are there some behind premise-based PBXs? If some, how many would you say fall into that category?
  8. What kind of usage are you talking? Do your end users have a heavy usage on any single feature, say, like BLF, call park, forwarding, or anything like that?
  9. Hey @Dolphin Your question is a bit loaded :-) Users alone have no real issue in Kazoo. I think you're asking about devices. How many are you looking to support? We have quite a few ourselves. Are you asking about a multi-zone deployment, a single server, something hosted by 2600, or something unique? These devices, are you thinking of devices that register, or devices that are forwards like a cell phone? Any idea of the number or ratio of each? There are various test tools that 2600 uses to load test each build that's produced. I'm unclear if the data is published anywhere, i'd defer to @Darren Schreiber to better attack that question. Load tests are created in the 'Make Busy' framework (opensource and available on github). In my experience, there are a few ceilings per zone, but since it's easy enough to create a new zone, the scaling is almost infinite. If you're looking to scale your products out of, say, an Asterisk-based platform to something more enterprise-level, Kazoo has what you need, and they're a great organization to support your growth. They've been putting up with me for almost four years now!
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