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  1. That is odd. I do not have a way to look you up via your company name or contact information via your community user name but I would be more than willing to chat with you further if you can send me a direct email. I can also check into why you did not receive a response once I receive your email and contact information. I can be reached at Erik@2600hz.com
  2. Thanks for reaching out. While we don't formally support or provide support hours for Open Source Kazoo if you'd like to discuss Partner options of Kazoo you can reach out to me directly at Erik@2600hz.com , I look forward to your email. Thank you.
  3. Hello Irfan, Thanks for posting to our community. If you would like to discuss the paid version of Kazoo please feel free to reach out to me with a few good times and days and I can setup a call. You can reach me at Erik@2600hz.com Thanks! Kind regards, Erik
  4. Hello, the ACDC is a version of queues was contributed from the Open Source community and is something we do not support, maintain or use. The Call Center Application we use is available for the Partner version of Kazoo. If interested in the partner version of Kazoo and our Call Center Application please feel free to reach out via Sales@2600hz.com.
  5. Hello Manashe, Thanks for reaching out. I'd be more than willing to chat if you'd like to reach out to me directly. We have both the Open Source product and the Partner version of Kazoo which we can go over so you can choose the best path moving forward. We also are having a training her in SF at the SF Code Beamer Conference which is geared towards building apps on Kazoo March 4th-5th, 2019. For more detailed information on this you can go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/code-beam-sf-2019-tickets-43197815830?discount=Kazoo10 Once you go there, click on the tickets button and scroll down to the tickets that say, "Training Course: KAZOO" and you can purchase your tickets if interested. Feel Free to reach out to me directly at Erik@2600hz.com with any additional questions. Thanks, Erik
  6. Hi BirdmanBerry, Please feel free to reach out to me directly at Erik@2600hz.com. I can show provide you a demo of our platform and services and go over some options with you. Thanks! -Erik
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