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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • How to make calls from your office when you're away

    You are working remotely and want to make a call that leverages your office PBX system.

    • You do not have access to the CallThru.us app on your mobile phone.
      If you use CallThru.us, this behavior is a feature!
    • You want to make sure your calls are logged in the company call logs.
    • You want the recipient to see a Caller ID associated with your company.
    • In techie parlance, you want to "Enable DISA (Direct Inward System Access)."

    NOTE:  THIS FEATURE CAN RESULT IN FRAUD. You are responsible if fraud occurs on your account due to use of this feature. Please make sure to keep your password secret and optionally restrict calls to international locations for your account to be extra-safe.


    In Advanced Callflows

    1. In your account, go to Callflows / Account Settings
    2. Set a default Caller ID Name and Number on the account for external calls
    3. Go to Callflows / Callflows
    4. Using a phone number on the account, Create a new callflow and add the DISA action.
    5. Edit the pop-up by adding a PIN #
    6. SAVE 

    Detailed Steps 

    CallFlows_x512.png   Advanced Callflows

    1.  Access Advanced Callflows
    Click into the application from your desktop.  If you do not see it, ask your administrator to help you.

    DISA a callflow app.png


    2.  Select Account Settings from the main menu

    DISA b.png


    3.  Set a default external Caller ID Name and Number

    DISA c.png


    Return to the main screen by picking the Return button to the top right.


    4. Click on the Main Callflows menu item

    DISA d.png

    5.   Select New Callfllow.  

    • Click on the Callflow banner and add your phone number

    DISA e2.png

    6.  Add DISA to your Callflow Flow diagram.
     Access the DISA app button by typing it in the search window to the right.  Then drag the button into the Callflow diagram. 

    DISA f.png


    7.  Enter an Access PIN in the dialog box
    Add your PIN When you do the above, you will get a pop-up like this where you can set the PIN and some options. You really just need to set the PIN (and make it something hard to guess!)

    NOTE:  Accessing these numbers is a huge source of fraud.  Make sure to use a PIN that is not easily guessed.

    DISA 2.png

    8.   SAVE the Callflow

    Now you can call the phone number you assigned.

    When you call into this phone number follow these steps:

    1. You will hear a dialtone
    2. Enter the PIN number
    3. If your PIN is correct you will hear a second dialtone.
    4. Dial the number you wish to call.
    5. You will be connected but the Caller ID Number will match the customer's account settings. 
    • NOTE:  We're working on the Caller ID Name for you as well, which currently isn't change-able).



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