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    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • Debug Tool Overview


    The Debug Tool gives you real time information, including SIP registration status, device connectivity, notification logs, and device subscriptions to aid in solving network issues.

    If more technical assistance is required, the Debug Tool provides enough information to allow support staff to quickly identify the problem and provide a solution to a system administrator.

    The information collected can be used to:

    • Verify a registered line.
    • Monitor network for errors.
    • Verify correct branding on outgoing emails.
    • Inspect and determine BLF issues.
    • Flush BLF.
    • Monitor active calls in real time.



    Registration Status

    View SIP registration status to determine any registration errors. Monitor the customer’s local LAN IP address and public IP.


    Device Connectivity Information

    Displays how a device is connected to the system and includes information on network, ISP, datacenter and proxy connection.


    Notification Logs

    Conference Manager’s globally optimized network provides locally dedicated numbers across the globe. Global attendees can select from a multitude of dial ins, using various country codes, while only accumulating local call charges.



    Verifies that correct packets are sent to SIP device. If incorrect, helps trace location of error.



    Real time info of active calls. Displays active calls and channel connectivity to PSTN Network.

    Technical Specifications

    Major Debug Components

    • SIP Registration
    • Device Connectivity
    • System Notification Logs
    • Presence
    • Channels

    SIP Registration

    • SIP Username
    • Name
    • Presense ID
    • Contact (Local IP)
    • Source (Public IP)
    • Date/Time

    Device Connectivity Information

    • Device Information
    • SIP Username
    • Account Name
    • Domain/Realm
    • Device Type/Model
    • Network
    • Local IP
    • Public IP via ISP
    • Proxy
    • Server Connectivity
    • Scheduled Check-In (sec)
    • Lost Connectivity Notification
    • Technical Details on JSON payload

    Notification Logs

    • Searchable
    • Displays:
    • Status Template From To Date/Time JSON payload


    • Searchable
    • Shows:
    • Subscription ID MWI BLF Flush Button
    • Details:
    • List of Subscribers Last JSON Payload Sent


    • Searchable
    • Shows:
    • Created Timestamp UUID Destination Direction Other Leg Details on JSON payload

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