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    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
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  • Operator Console User Guide

    What is Operator Console?

    Operator Console is a VIEW ONLY tool which offers you live call data, allows you to view all current active calls, call durations and call direction (inbound or outbound) in one simple glance. Additionally, it makes it easy to view office activity, such as who is currently on a call or available to take one.

    operator console 1.png

    Once the Operator Console App has been added to your KAZOO environment, it will populate with the Employees and Devices associated with the account and look like the image above.

    You can toggle between Employees or Devices then decide to view them All, Available (not on a call) or Busy (on a call). Additionally, you can use the Search tool to quickly find a coworker, no need to know their extension.

    operator console devices.png


    Once you receive a call, the screen will look similar to the one above, with the left side displaying your Active/Incoming Calls and Parked Calls.

    Feature Keys:

    While you cannot interact with the interface of Operator Console, you can use Feature Keys to do things like call forwarding and parking calls, directly from your phone’s keyboard. To learn more about Feature Keys please review the SmartPBX app.

    Operator Console Definitions

    Operator Console has two separate views: Employees and Devices.

    • Employees: This view shows all unique users on your KAZOO account.
    • Devices: This view shows all unique, registered devices on your KAZOO account.

    Available Call Tile:

    • User – Extension: This line shows the user name, and the user extension in parenthesis.

    Active Call Tile:

    • User: This line shows the user name and the user’s extension in parenthesis
    • Call Information: This shows both call status, call direction and call duration
    • From: This shows the caller ID or Device Name
    • To: This displays the callee ID or Device Name

    An INbound call is one that someone else originates to the user and will have the icon above.

    An OUTbound call originates from the user and will have the icon above.

    The images below show that you can toggle between Employees/Devices that are All/Available/Busy. We have screenshotted all of the Employee combinations but the same can also be done with Devices.

    To view all your employees, select Employees and All (above)
    To view only employees not on an active call select Employees and Available (above)

    To view only employees on active calls select Employees and Busy (above)

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