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  1. Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to keep it in mind for next time. I should also keep a record every time I make a change of any kind in case something goes awry.
  2. I re-assigned a device last week, but it was only one and I factory reset it first. I didn’t do anything yesterday to these devices (at least not that I could think of). Would there be a log anywhere which would show when this occurred? Now that I think about it, I did add “STRP” to a few accounts last night in the UI!
  3. Hi, Not sure what happened, but this morning a received 5 calls from one account saying they lost all their combo key settings (the main default line worked). I have no idea what could have triggered this or why those particular users. I have been receiving many "loss of registration" e-mail alerts as well lately which is also a concern. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, especially since i"m worried it could continue happening. The devices are Yealink T46S's
  4. Thanks a million for your explanation, I haven’t tried it out yet, but it makes sense. I’ll delete the incoming call handling in SmartPBX and rebuild both call flows in Advanced Callflows. Is there a way to test out callflows/new configurations in a text environment instead of my live accounts? Every time I try to experiment with different options I get a pop up saying my bill is going to change. It makes it hard to play around with the system.
  5. Another question. The reason for the 2nd call flow is because a small 5 person firm is joining this one. They have Polycom’s VVX 401’s. I’m getting them T46S’s for the office, but they want two phones for home, will the VVX 401’s work well with T46’s?
  6. I'm getting a bit closer but still have some issues. In my test scenario the Users don't have devices so their ext defaults to VM In SmartPBX>Main Number>Incoming Call Handling, when choosing Virtual Receptionist>Main Menu I could choose "Press 1 for USER", and when a caller press's "1" it goes straight to the Users VM since their isn't a device associated. BUT, in the attached CallFlow if a caller press's "1" the call disconnects, it will only go to VM if "Press 1" is assigned to a VM. Is there perhaps something built into the Main Number section in SmartPBX?
  7. Thanks! I’ll try this out and let you know how it works out.
  8. Hello, I have a customer who would like to add another "Main Number" to his account but have its own callflow. Currently their main number is set up in SmartPBX via "Incoming Call Handling", and under Virtual Receptionist by Main Menu I assign "Press1 for ..." and also set up the greeting. For the 2nd main number I went to advanced call flows added the new number then "Menu" but under Menu I only see an option for greetings. How do i add "Press1 for...." Also, could someone please advise if this is the correct to set up what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks
  9. As usual @esoare was super helpful! Still not sure why the devices stopped working correctly, but @esoare was able to guide me in fixing the issue. If i recall correctly First I needed to delete the device from "Devices" in SmartPBX , then un-assign the device from the "User". Then I added the device back in SmartPBX and settings in Advanced Provisioner. Finally I factory reset the device and let it provision itself, and Voila! (I"m still not sure what the best practice is for setting up a USER with multiple devices)
  10. No, still not working.. Call thru us was turned on, but I turned them off to no avail I’ll try to post logs with the private info hidden
  11. I checked that, each device has its own username password. Im completely dumbfounded as to how to fix this! I would delete the entire account and start over again, but I don’t know if that would help. Any advice would be super appreciated. I’m going over now to return the devices and stall for some more time.
  12. Ok, So I thought this was resolved but... I was wrong. This is what happened. When the boss wanted to take a phone home before the closure I left his phone in his office and assigned one of the conference phones to his "user", so he had 2 phones assigned to him. The newly added phone worked as his at home and still worked when he brought it back to office and I changed the "user" back to a conference phone. But the boss's phone only works for outbound or picking up a parked call, but wont ring if part of ring group or transferred to. My bandage fix was swapping phones, changing the conference phone back to the boss by changing the "user", and changing the boss's phone to a conference room phone. Issue now is that the conference room phone now can't receive inbound calls. So basically adding a 2nd phone to same "User" seemed to have caused the issue Also, the secretary's phone still doesn't receive inbound calls, although I never added a 2nd phone to her "user" When I try to dial directly the error on the yealink screen says "unable to comply" I"m not an expert in reading call logs but this looks kind of funny, not sure if that helps. "custom_sip_headers": {}, "disposition": "DELAYED NEGOTIATION",
  13. I just left their office. Factory reset didn’t work. I’ll try doing a firmware update tomorrow
  14. I created the users and added the devices via smartpbx, and I used the advanced provisioned to set the keys. I did do a restart from advanced provisioner. I double checked the ring group as well. Should I try a factory restart on the devices? i think the logs could probably help, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to read them
  15. Do not disturb is not on. Yes, the phone is registered and could make outbound calls, the phone could also pick up parked calls. The only issue I see so far is, that this device is no longer part of the ring group and can't be directly transferred to.
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