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  1. Update: Spoke with the Algo rep: Spec'd out (2) 8186 IP Sip horns, and the 8301 IP multicast adapter ( Due to multi speaker and customer requirement for playing music). Config: The 8301 will be programmed on 2600 as the sip device, build a calls flow to extension 9999, add the device (8301 adapter) - sends the call paging to the 8301, which then multicasts it to the horns. Sound right? Chime in if I missed anything.
  2. Perfect! Thanks Joseph. I'm going to reach out to to Algo for details on sizing and how best to do 3 of these. I'm a novice when it comes to paging, not sure on the unicast vs multicast etc. Also, if building 3 speaker as devices and putting them into a ring group off the call flow would work? nothing worse then a paging system that has delays etc. lol
  3. All, I have a client that brought a request, They have a warehouse that needs overhead paging that they would like to have integrated into the phone service I provide via 2600 hosted. I'm figuring that we can use the newer IP SIP bull horns to do this? I.E make them devices, assign a call flow, and designate a paging button that dials that group of horns when dialed? Anyone done this before? Suggestions on products that worked? I was looking at the Algo 8186 Any tips would be be appreciated! Shawn
  4. Contacts! Has any progress been made on this being supported for Yealink phones? I jumped the gun when I saw this in provisioner and uploaded a contacts file from yealink, bam -- everything loaded perfectly to the provisioner tool... but no sync to the users yealink t42. Would love to see this happen!!!! Pretty Please :) eta?
  5. Lance, Just to clarify, did you integrate Jasmin into 2600hz hosted or a different service provider?
  6. Is SMS text via sip feature available on the hosted platform? I am getting more and more requests or questions from clients on this feature. 1) They want to allow inbound text to their main number. 2) Or they are wanting to compile a list of approved clients to text (monthly specials/ promos etc). This seems to be a feature that is leaning closer to our wheel house. Any thoughts? or timeline on releasing this?
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