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  1. We are in production with our Email to SMS/ SMS to Email and SMS Forwarding application and looking for a few more strategic partners for our phase two "load testing" rollout while our Monster Application is under development. We are providing functionality for free during the test period and you must be on the 2600hz shared hosting environment to qualify. Please PM me for more details. Email-to-SMS/SMS-to-Email and SMS forwarding features will allow resellers to sell message (SMS/MMS) enabled telephone numbers and use email as the main way to send and receive those messages (Conversational Text Messaging). It’s intuitive for business users and gives sales teams unlimited possibilities to communicate with clients. You can select a single user or have many users share a single telephone number. Additional features include auto-respond and forward SMS to email using your own distribution list of recipients.
  2. I was thinking, something along the lines of how preflow works, but have a postflow as a callflow element.
  3. Have you ever taken a survey after speaking to customer service rep? If you opt-in, the call automatically transfers to a survey after the call ends with the CSR. Is there a way to force a call transfer or next callflow element after the call completes/ terminates? Any ideas would be appreciated apart from having the CSR do the transfer, as you know how that may end up.
  4. @mc_ I'm late to the party here, but just getting around to working with hotdesking. If I disable hotdesking for a user, should it also clear that user from all the devices where that user has been hot-desked? My testing is showing that the user remains hot-desked, but unable to logout.
  5. 2600hz resolved the segmentation issue by enabling concatenated SMS on their provider's gateway. Thank you 2600hz support!
  6. Any further thoughts on why we are receiving SMS messages greater than 160 characters segmented into several messages? Again, this is not happening with other SMS providers that we tested and I suspect there may be a setting on the 2600hz side that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, we are going to release our SMS to Email application for 2600hz with this segmentation issue as there is nothing we can do but send the SMS body using your API with a limit of 700 characters.
  7. @lazedo We are using your carriers, SMS provider and API https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/sms/#about-sms Whenever we receive an SMS that is 160 chars or less, we receive one SMS message. When we receive a message that is longer than 160 characters, it comes in as more than one SMS messages. Using a different SMS provider, ie. Telynx when we receive an SMS message greater than 160 chars, it comes in as one SMS message.
  8. @lazedo We are seeing messages coming in assembled from other SMS providers but not the one from 2600hz. Do we have to perform the re-assembly?
  9. Our SMS to Email gateway is code complete and in beta testing with a couple providers. We should be ready by next week for additional beta testers.
  10. I have a question regarding the message length of SMS. I see the length following the 160 character limit before being split. However, when messages are larger than 160, they are following the 153 segment split but are not being rebuilt by the recipients device as a single message. They come in as multipart messages. Any thoughts as to why or what should be done to enforce the device to rebuild as a single message?
  11. @Logicwrath - according to the directions, it only works when an enabled DID is associated to a user, not a ring group.
  12. What I have learned so far following directions here on the forum is... If I associate an enabled DID to a callflow as described in the forum directions, messages do show in the text message inbox of my Yealink. Pretty cool. However, if I reply to a message, although the phone states the message was sent, the text is not received on my mobile phone. Any additional configuration required, or sending is not supported?
  13. I heard we can configure a Yealink phone to use the new SMS service. Is that correct and if so, how do we configure the phone? I don't see a way to link the SMS enabled number to the phone.
  14. It's probably an acceptable solution but consider the Grandstream HT801 is an analog adapter that requires the ATA and an analog phone.
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