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  1. Hi Gagan, I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing the issue to my attention. It appears our link to the marketplace signup has some broken metadata. I'm able to replicate and our dev team is aware and looking into it. I hope to have signup resolved in the next couple of hours. ;) Resolved.
  2. @Skunkbeard I wanted to personally express my sincere gratitude for your recent review of ChatServ. Your kind words and recommendation mean a great deal to us. We greatly appreciate your recognition of our dedication to constantly improving and adding new features based on customer suggestions. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are always open to exploring new ideas that enhance our platform's capabilities. Your satisfaction as a customer means the world to us, and we are grateful for your trust and support. Should you or anyone else have any questions about our service, we are always here to provide assistance. Thank you once again for taking the time to share your positive experience with ChatServ. We truly appreciate your support. Best regards, ChatServ / Darren Shane
  3. @Emily R Hi Emily, I'd like to revisit this topic. My company has completed it's full featured web-based SMS chat application and ready to consider for the app store. Are you able to provide any marketing data?
  4. Here is a quick snapshot of the chat interface. To register for 30 day free trial. https://msg.chatsrv.net/register
  5. We are now feature complete with our all new web-browser based SMS Chat application. It supports team functionality with multi-user / multi-number support, natural 2-way text messaging from most browsers, auto-reply, canned responses, and much more. Great for service teams, hospitality seating and curbside pickup, insurance, real-estate, and etc. Fully supports 2600hz SMS messaging. We are offering a 30 day free trial. Sign-up here: https://msg.chatsrv.net/register
  6. If the TNs are known and could be entered into a database, I already have a full solution. Feel free to DM me for details. Although, the solution is not intended to be a blacklist of numbers as that already exists. The intention is to allow certain inbound number to be routed to different callflows of your choice.
  7. I believe you can use Transfer ** to send a call directly to voicemail. You may have to answer it first and then do the blind transfer, but maybe you can create a macro on the phone to accomplish the entire sequence on a single button.
  8. @Olaolu Abiodun The first step is to research were to purchase web hosting space as there are many hosting companies. Hosting companies offer low-cost shared hosting and many have virtual machines where you can standup your own web server. It's hard to say which company to recommend as most are pretty good with serving simple XML files. Secondly, you will need to read the Yealink guide on XML configuration to better understand how these files are constructed and what to change. Yealink provides sample XML files and you can even download a rather comprehensive one directly from Advanced Provisioner with all the settings you entered in the interface. If you are not familiar with all this and still need assistance, my company offers consulting.
  9. First, I'd start with making the ID a number, but that's just me thinking of good practice. The idea is to use a single presence id to represent the status of some function. I.e. As a user, I want to know if the office is open or closed. Therefore, using presence ID 9999: when someone opens the office the status of presence ID 9999 is now set to "idle." When someone closes the office, the presence ID 9999 is set to "busy." Let me know if that makes sense.
  10. The BLF should be configured using the value of the manual presence id. Whatever status the value is set to should be indicated on the phone's BLF.
  11. We have experience in specialized CRM integrations and more currently SMS applications that include email to SMS, and a full chat client that stands alone or integrates with MS Teams. However, looking forward to arranging our roadmap based on what drives the market.
  12. This has been discussed at length. Here is a link to the thread. In many of the cases a menu was used, but you can substitute for a button reaching a callflow.
  13. This is great to hear and many years in the making. I do have a question. Before anyone invests in building an app, what is the addressable market? I.e. How many potential clients will our apps reach to better understand the return on investment? I'm thinking in terms of resellers not end-users of resellers as end-users may never see the apps based on rights etc.
  14. The configuration option is: voice.tone.callwaiting How to create custom tones https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/knowledge/show?id=d78743e1aeb7fc964a6f93bd
  15. Provided you have the ability to serve web pages over the Internet, you can create an XML file to support the functions you want to change and serve it on your web server. The option to retrieve the file is in Advanced Provisioner under Settings | Custom Config File URL. Please consider to never store credentials or personal information in that file.
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