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  1. The algo product line is perfect for this. They are very simple to setup and basically function as a IP Phone. When you go to add the new device in smartpbx, select the option for your device brand is not listed, see screenshot: This will provide you with a username and password for the SIP registration. You will need this in the algo. Also note that the algo doesn't generally handle outbound proxy registration well, so you will need to use the realm/domain as the sip host. Create a new callflow and assign it an extension, I like to you 9999 for paging. Then assign the device to it. When the extension is called, kazoo will send an invite to the algo. The device will then answer the call, start the media and play a beep. The caller then can make their announcement.
  2. Hey everyone, Keep good data on telephone numbers is very important. In the documentation, as well as the code, there is talk of a port_out number state as part of the DID lifecycle. The number state is useful because it transitions the number into another state and also removes the number from any hunting actions thus forcing calls to go outbound. It also effectively removes it as a provisionable number within the database. I am able to check a DID into this state manually be editing the numbers doc in the database, but this is of course a scary process and something you do not want to let your standard provisioning folks do. So how can I transition a number into this state without messing with the database directly. Thanks, Joe
  3. This is a feature of Freeswitch, and should be enabled there.
  4. When i try to pull /accounts/{account_id}/service_plans I get a 404. So I need to start something in order to use service plans?
  5. Hey everyone, I am running into this as well. I built a "hack" we call the UC Proxy which allows this. But if we wanted to be able to allow multiple registrations on some device types, how hard would it be to modify kazoo to allow for this?
  6. I am support interested in helping to test. Let me know what we can do to be of assistance.
  7. So I have an update. After doing some debugging, I found that the customer just deleted the AWS Access Key. I attempted to update the storage plan with a new key, but it appears that kazoo is still looking for the old key. What can I do now? kz_att_s3:271(<0.17218.4495>) S3 error: {aws_error,{http_error,403,"Forbidden",<<"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n<Error><Code>InvalidAccessKeyId</Code><Message>The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.</Message><AWSAccessKeyId>AKIAJXP6D4AAZFZOJ2YA</AWSAccessKeyId>
  8. any idea what a script like that would look like. Honestly I am not support wonderful with couchdb. So any help would be fantastic
  9. The permissions are set fine. New recordings are going into the bucket, and we can access them via the API. Its any recordings we transferred from the old bucket over to the new bucket we have an issue with. I need to somehow update those records so they reflect the right bucket or something. There has to be a sup command to do this.
  10. Hey there, I have a storage plan configured which points to an AWS bucket we configured for a customer. That customer now wants to host their own bucket which is fine. We transferred any recordings or files to the customer's bucket, but now when you try to access the files via the kazoo api, it fails. Do we need to "update" something somewhere since we change the bucket? Thanks, Joe
  11. that commit for master was MAy 14th. I know stuff has been committed since
  12. Well that's good to hear, but what about us that are doing active development in 5.0 and trying to get PRs pushed and stuff. What happens now?
  13. I regularly watch the github repo for kazoo, and I just noticed that all of the 5.0 branches are now gone. A friend told me that he got an email from Patrick saying kazoo 5.0 will now be closed source. Is this true?
  14. Hey @SIPGuy what app are you using for setup your queues? As for managing your callflows, there is a open source version of the callflows app which contains all of the ACDC actions you will need, you can find it at https://github.com/OpenTelecom/monster-ui-callflows-ng. Good luck
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