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  1. Those wiki pages are still what come up to the top most often on Google. Not sure what the best solution is because I don't think github pages get the same SEO love from Google. That new documentation system you guys are using also does not seem to show up much on Google searches. Maybe it just needs a little SEO applied to it?
  2. Kazoo does the same thing as the carriers. If you try create an IP auth device in callflow and then try create another IP auth device with the same IP (even if it is in a different account), Kazoo will give you a "SIP IP already in use" error. Kazoo does not care about inbound IP from carriers as long as the IP is added to the ACL. It knows which account to route the call to based on the DID number. So again, that is the same as what most carriers seem to do.
  3. If using IP authentication, the carrier is associating the IP with the customer account on their end. So on the carrier end, you cannot have more than one customer account with that carrier using the same IP. Otherwise the carrier would not know who to bill. That is for termination (outbound calls to the carrier). For origination (DID inbound) I am not sure if it would be a problem or not since the carrier knows which customers are using which DID's and should not care what IPs they are assigned to.
  4. I am only talking about reseller accounts with their own carriers. Not offnet/global. Yes it's my own cluster.
  5. Also number of cores used I think. Kazoo runs multiple beams (Erlang VMs) corresponding to the different applications and each beam can run on its own core. So Kazoo loves lots of cores. Even if half are hyperthreaded I think it still helps a lot.
  6. How are people handling bring your own carriers? Some carriers only do IP authentication and as far as I can tell, IP authentication won't work for bring your own carrier because the carrier only allows the IP to be used once. Or am I missing something? Also, the carrier would need to be registered to each Freeswitch server used for outbound correct? How should I do that? I think for inbound I should just be able to add the Carrier IP to the ACL right? Any other gotcha's I need to be aware of for bring your own carrier?
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