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  1. Was looking for API For Fax Detect , Caller ID Check,Dead Air etc Though i can see documentation for all of them , but failing to locate API https://docs.2600hz.com/kazoo_dev/applications/callflow/doc/fax_detect/ Can anyone help.
  2. Sir, IF we are a carrier , with numbers from 2-3 vendors and need to use different outbound carrier , we have to add our signatures for calls to go through. All Switch providers have already made changes to add that signature.. This is reason , i am checking here
  3. Hello Do we have API to make changes to way call arrived from Inbound carrier. We added Ips for Inbound ACL and calls arrive. suppose calls arrive as 222333444@ip and we need to change it to say +222333444@ip , i.e add prefix + for a particular inbound carrier, how to do it. So, we can change for every inbound carrier separately.
  4. Does Kazoo support adding headers for STIR//Shaken Compliance?
  5. Hello, Was looking for scenario where many numbers are added in a single Call Flow created in kazoo. Now which API can be used to add or remove number directly in that call flow ?
  6. Hello, I can register SIP Device created in kazoo on all SIp phones, but dome how doesnt register on kazoo.. Sample configuration below Let me know what am i missing on username=XXXX secret=YYYY host=20201126085320.sip.XXXX.com port=5060 type=friend fromuser=XXXX nsecure=port,invite disallow=all allow=alaw,g729 qualify=yes nat=force_rport,comedia
  7. I was looking to setup Speed dial for numbers like Dialing 11 --> predefined number , Dialing 12 ->> other pre defined PSTN number...
  8. Kazoo :4.3.92 Rates uploaded for outbound with Prefix 1XXXXX and any caller ID Rates uploaded for Inbound with Prefix 1XXXXX and any caller ID Rates uploaded for inbound on number 1854XXXXXX and any caller ID Rates uploaded for inbound on number 1854XXXXXX with caller ID of incoming from 1605XXXXX When Call arrives on a number for say 1786XXXXXXX , it picks correct rate and rate name in CDR When call arrives on Number 1854XXXXX from a random caller ID or from Caller ID 1605XXXX , it picks none of rate tables, even not 1XXXXX and allows call to pass at 0.00 with no rate name picked from list. CDR , Uploaded rates attached testRates20.csv recjx15763672detailsdocumentsrequiredformalay (3).zip
  9. yes, we had similar issue earlier, but once we updated to 4.3.58 , issue was gone, now it seems to have hit back.
  10. nstalled Packages Name : kazoo-kamailio Arch : noarch Version : 4.3 Release : 25.el7.centos Size : 0.0 Repo : installed From repo : kazoo4 [root@d1k1 ~]# kamailio -version version: kamailio 5.1.9-rc1 (x86_64/linux)
  11. IS anyone else facing same issue in kazoo cluster? kazoo Kamilio Module is crashing after being hit by malicious SIP messages , which is causing kamailio to crash and dump core files. root@d1k1 ~]# ls -lh /tmp total 2.4G -rw-------. 1 kamailio daemon 1.4G Sep 9 09:18 core.4419 -rw-------. 1 kamailio daemon 1.4G Sep 9 08:39 core.4422 -rw-------. 1 kamailio daemon 216M Sep 9 10:29 core.4426 Even a single malicious attempt is crashing module. Dumps are being created, which ultimately fills disk space. when one kamailio module fails, other in cluster also fail in matter of seconds.
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