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  1. Having this would be wonderful. Ideally, in advanced callflows, you should just be able to add/chain something on to the bottom of a pivot, like any other normal callflow element. Right now, this has to be done via the API or direct in the docs.
  2. AFAIK, only way to do this is to use /v2/accounts/{account_id}/phone_numbers If you set account_id to your root re-seller account, it will return all numbers for subaccounts also and you can loop through them/page through. You can also apply filters, such as "?filter_state=in_service or ?created_from=63627345744 in_service should mean that it's assigned to a callflow. avaialble should mean that it is not assigned to a callflow. You can look at the assigned_to field to see if it's assigned to a subaccount/an account other than your root re-seller account.
  3. I take it https://github.com/2600hz/monster-ui-csv-onboarding is currently incomplete? Couldn't load the app via crossbar_maintenance or manually via the DBs. Importing users and extensions via CSV will really save us on setup time
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