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  1. Just an FYI, in case anyone else is having an issue with "no service" messages: Simply changing the SIP credentials in advanced callflows --> devices --> advanced tab --> SIP to another random SIP username and password and saving has seemingly (at least temporarily ) worked around the server not replying to registration request.
  2. Have several clients/customers having issues with "no services" messages, BLF key issues, SIP credentials no longer working at all, etc. Anyone else have anything funky going on?
  3. I know this is an old post, but did anyone ever get a chance to see if they could get this working? Trying to work out a 60 phone deal, and this is a must. Basically this is what the owner is looking for: -Call comes in to your DID or extension. -Caller hears announcement first that states “You’ve reach person, please announce your name” -Then the users phone rings and when they answer they here the persons name recorded and have the option to press 1 and connect the call or 2 or hang up and the call goes their voice mail. Has anyone found a way to do this?
  4. I know this is an old post, but I'm adding to this since no other post shows up when searching for Yealink T32g Yealink T32G is EOL as of 2015. So it doesn't support https:// Add the device in your clients portal. Make sure to factory reset the phone. Go through the phone's WUI: --> Click to "Phone" Tab --> Autoprovision tab --> Provisioning server: http://p3.zswitch.net *Make sure to put the http:// --> Then click on "confirm" to save changes. --> Click on "Auto provision now" These phones won't work with Yealink RPS at all as far as I can tell. The latest firmware for this model phone is Hope this helps anyone looking to use T32G devices!
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