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  1. Awesome, @Rick Guyton! So glad you love it!!
  2. Thank you for the insight and I'm glad you found the post! There are a lot of "new" processes we are creating - if you were at KAZOOcon (I know you were, Eugen - it was very nice meeting you!), you heard we just hired a writer and created all kinds of new positions to assist. We will be kicking off partner/reseller webinars to discuss our apps and best practices, as well as webinars and docs for new products as they are released (we also have a forum topic on new products!). Look for Marketing announcements on them - coming soon! The documentation has already begun being added to our Community pages - if you have not been in there in awhile, you may want to re-engage there as there will be too many being added and updated to announce all of them - but the push is on! We will be working as quickly as we can, but there is a lot of work to be done - but I think the changes will be just what you are looking for!
  3. This is awesome, @raguilar! Thanks for the feedback! The plan is definitely to have plenty of videos and docs and also various webinar topics (depending on the topic, it may only be an hour or two, but some will have enough content to run a course or even a certification!). I could definitely see Building Apps being a certification course!
  4. Let’s hear the suggestions! Subjects (what would you like training on?), presentation (do you prefer docs, videos, both?), duration (do you have time for a 2 hr webinar?) - Ready……….GO!
  5. Hello to our Partner Community! My name is Melissa Cody, and I’ve just joined 2600Hz as their Training and Development Manager. My job, bottom line, is to help you all succeed. Whether that is accomplished by training you, your people or our team here, my focus is just that – SUCCESS! With over 20 years of training experience, most of that in telecom, I’m hopeful that I can understand your need and show you the best practices to achieve it in your relationship with 2600Hz. So, as I get my feet wet here, and learn the 2600Hz way of life, I’m inviting you to tell me – What would you like to see in a training program? I’m looking for any insight you might have – specific topics, best delivery method, best format – anything you would like to see in the training future of 2600Hz! Your input is gold to us, and using the infamous words of poet John Lydgate, although we can’t please all of the people all of the time, I’m sure as heck gonna try to please as many as I can!
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