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  1. Thanks for the community link.
  2. Look in the configuration files for the Intercom section and the Ringing section. You can set a ringtone for any call containing specified information in the SIP Header. The special header information can be set in the INtercom settings while the associated ring tone can be set in the Ringing section. These changes would need to be set on ALL the phones (as the header change is made when a phone dials an intercom call).
  3. I have a client who would like to restrict International Calls for all users, but allow authorized users to call internationally from ANY phone. On some systems this is accomplished with a Forced, Validated account code; the user dials the restricted number and is prompted (i.e. Forced) to enter a code which is then Validated against a list of acceptable account codes. If the user's code is found the call is placed, if it isn't found the call is denied and either reorder tones (fast busy) or a message of some type is played to the user (e.g., "calls to international numbers are not authorized for this user"). Is there an EASY way to configure something similar on Kazoo?
  4. Found my answer (no) on another thread.
  5. @baze is it possible to change the recording that plays for a forwarded call on a per-call basis?
  6. Have a client who will be answering Group calls on their cell phones. I would like to indicate which group and/or telephone number was dialed by the incoming caller. Can't seem to figure this one out.
  7. https://www.broadsoft.com/services/customer-support
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