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  1. Hi all, A while ago I wrote an app for Kazoo 4.3 to view and play recordings. You can also manage some recordings settings there too. I wanted a recordings app that matched the look and feel of the rest of the Kazoo UI and that could paginate on the server instead of loading all the recordings then filtering client side. Anyway, I forgot all about it until recently. Please enjoy! https://github.com/bpbp-boop/monster-ui-recordings-community/blob/main/README.md
  2. Looking forward to both the new version and the marketplace. Happy to pay for apps for our customers.
  3. Hi all, Is there a way to change the from email address (for voicemail notifications etc) for different accounts to support resellers? Currently the resellers' customers get emails from no_reply@parentcompany.net instead of no_reply@reseller.com I can't see any options in the Whitelabel API docs and it seems Kazoo just uses the OS's mailer, maybe I am missing something though? :)
  4. Interesting workaround, thanks for the link!
  5. Can you provide a link to it?
  6. Would you consider letting guests view the forums without registering, to allow search engines to index the forums? The forums search is pretty good, but has some interesting restrictions - ie try searching for "BLF". no results :)
  7. Slightly off-topic, why does your callflow style different from the default 4.3? Custom CSS or are you using the master branch of monster-ui?
  8. I just tried the system_configs setting on 4.3 and it worked, outbound call contained the right header: P-Asserted-Identity: "Account Name" <sip:+$main_number@voip.domain.net.au> It also set the Privacy: id header using the *67 feature code
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