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Credit api

Avneet Singh


Hello everyone,

I have installed kazoo 4.3-12 version. The credit/debit api is not working 

DELETE /v2/accounts/{ACCOUNT_ID}/transactions/debit

PUT /v2/accounts/{ACCOUNT_ID}/transactions/credit

also sup commands not working

 sup kazoo_services_maintenance credit {ACCOUNT_ID} 5.0
sup kazoo_services_maintenance debit {ACCOUNT_ID} 5.0 

Is there change in api and sup command in new version

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By "funny money" I mean when you want to issue a service credit to your customer, say give them $20 for whatever reason, there's no credit card to charge or otherwise. It's just you updating their ledger with some "money". "real money" is when a CC is processed and those funds are added to the account to pay for services.

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On 12/28/2018 at 7:12 PM, mc_ said:

I believe rating will debit via ledgers but things like auto top-up and such use transactions

It seems like the monster-ui uses /v2/services/topup, but this doesn't seem to like to request the charge on braintree. Do you know if services/top should be using transactions/credit? Is this a config issue that services/topup isn't charging? Braintree is connected properly and the CC info in syncing with Braintree.

Let me know if you want me to start a new thread.

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