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  1. mc_

    Credit api

    By "funny money" I mean when you want to issue a service credit to your customer, say give them $20 for whatever reason, there's no credit card to charge or otherwise. It's just you updating their ledger with some "money". "real money" is when a CC is processed and those funds are added to the account to pay for services.
  2. mc_

    [Bigcouch Shard Error]

    Could be a ulimit issue? Check those settings, make sure you have enough file descriptors...
  3. mc_

    [Bigcouch Shard Error]

    Possibly permissions on the database files themselves (I think they're under /srv/dbs ?). Try accessing a single bigcouch node and see what its logging. Also, n=4 (or any even number) is problematic in a network split. It is generally good to have n be odd to make it more likely to have a majority on one side of the split.
  4. mc_

    Custom Login Page/Identity Provider

    As the SSO stuff is still a work-in-progress, the docs are evolving as we go. We have an internal doc for setting it up but there are still a lot of details to work out before it is ready for release to the broader community. Of course, if you are familiar with the SSO flow of OAuth you can probably figure it out but a comprehensive guide is not currently ready for release.
  5. mc_

    Limits and Billing for accounts

    jonny5 is a reference to the movie Short Circuit; the kazoo app tracks limits and balances for accounts and does authorization for resource-consuming calls. In other words, it short-circuits calls that are not authorized :p For numbers, check out https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/doc/internationalization/numbers/ You'll probably want alternative prompt languages too: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/doc/internationalization/prompts/ While most of the 2600Hz team is US-based we do have a number of devs outside the US as well as a group of community members outside the US too. We all want KAZOO to be a proper platform for any region of the world. That said, we also know we have blind spots of how telecom is done everywhere so any feedback you have which can be incorporated into the project for everyone to take advantage of, is greatly appreciated. Also, when you feel you need to look at code or the docs aren't sufficient, ask here in the forums - that's usually a good trigger for someone to take a stab at improving the documentation. You are always welcome to submit PRs for improved docs as well.
  6. mc_

    Limits and Billing for accounts

    For support, free options include this forum and IRC; you can email sales@2600hz.com to see about dedicated support plans. For open-source builds you are probably best served with the 'dev' docs site: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/ Also the 'sysadmin' docs site: https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/ Both are great places to contribute to the project if Erlang code isn't something you want to take on at the moment.
  7. mc_

    DID Number Manager Cluster

    You "use" DIDs by assigning them to an account and creating a callflow in the account to run when receiving calls for the DID. There are no zone restrictions on that.
  8. mc_

    Credit api

    I believe rating will debit via ledgers but things like auto top-up and such use transactions
  9. mc_

    Kazoo Billing

    Check /opt/kazoo/lib for a jonny5 folder. If it doesn't exist, see if 'yum install kazoo-application-jonny5' works
  10. mc_

    Credit api

    I think you need to use `ledgers` for "funny money" and transactions for "real money" stuff.
  11. mc_

    Media file

    Kazoo sets the Content-Type header in the response to the mime type of the binary data. Typically it will be "audio/wav" or "audio/mp3" but will depend on how the audio was uploaded.
  12. mc_

    Media file

    Crossbar will use the 'Content-Type' header you provide when uploading the media binary data.
  13. mc_

    Media file

    Hi @Avneet Singh The files should exist as attachments on the media doc ({MEDIA_ID}) in the account database.
  14. mc_

    phone number

    Number states can be read about more here: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/core/kazoo_number_manager/doc/number_states/ I'm not sure what monster-ui uses to determine "spare" vs "in-use"; @azefiel ?
  15. mc_

    KAZOO 4.3 Upgrade Highlights

    @Josh Robbins Ladder diagrams and MOS scoring are still on the roadmap; I don't have specifics though.
  16. mc_

    KAZOO 4.3 Upgrade Highlights

    @extremerotary thanks for the report, will discuss at our standup today and see what's up.
  17. mc_

    KAZOO 4.3 Upgrade Highlights

    @Marie Do you have any request logs of those failed transfers? I'm taking a look on our side but was curious if you had anything collected yet. RE: loading operator console, no issues on our side loading it so not sure where to go from there.
  18. mc_

    KAZOO 4.3 Upgrade Highlights

    @extremerotary its more along the lines of starting a dynamic conference with a custom conference profile (config for moh, alone-sound, etc) and making sure each participant is brought into the conference with the proper configs set. The transfer to the conference FS server should handle CCVs; are you seeing them come in as missing if the caller is moved by Kazoo to the right box?
  19. mc_

    Java Connectivity for Kazoo

    Hi @Syed Hasan! Most of the docs around the APIs (such as devices) include example cURL commands to get you started. Most languages have HTTP clients so you should be able to start playing with the APIs using your client of choice in your language of choice. I'm not aware of any pre-existing Java SDKs for Kazoo's APIs though. We're obviously happy to help answer your questions if you want to provide one to the community though!
  20. mc_

    rfc4235 and rfc4662

    Sponsor-able by anyone. I believe the development rate is affected by whether the work will go into the open source Kazoo project or be a closed source project specifically for you. Contact sales@2600hz.com to get more information on sponsorship and your options there.
  21. mc_


    You can setup a device to auth by IP address by setting the device's "sip.ip" and "sip.method" = "ip".
  22. mc_

    rfc4235 and rfc4662

    Appears that RFC 4662 is on the roadmap but no timeline afaict. It is sponsor-able though, so if its the only thing holding you back, that could be an option too.
  23. mc_

    rfc4235 and rfc4662

    AFAICT Kamailio supports RFC 4662 (https://www.kamailio.org/w/interoperability/) So Kazoo should support it or adding support should be straightforward. Can't speak authoritatively on that though; have you tried it?
  24. mc_

    Kazoo in IMS

    Kazoo is API driven so I suppose if the IMS environment has a way to write adapters to talk to Kazoo it should be possible. Do you have a system in mind?
  25. mc_

    KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    @Mike Montgomery From reading the list, everything not Qubicle-related is in the open source project.