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  1. Hi Alex, First, I would recommend https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/install_via_centos7/ I'm not sure if the powerpbx guide is still updated or not, but our guide covers similar ground and is updated as folks encounter issues. It is backed by a public Github repo as well for all to contribute. As for your issue, KAZOO (and most SIP setups) use the domain portion to figure out what account to associate with the caller. In your case, it is unlikely you created an account with a SIP realm of Kamailio's IP address. You will need to configure zoiper to use the SIP realm of the account and, if the domain doesn't resolve to Kamailio's IP address, you will need to configure zoiper to use an outbound proxy (or zoiper's equivalent) to point to Kamailio's IP. You can read https://docs.2600hz.com/user_guides/doc/manual_phone_config/zoiper/ Might help; adjust realm and outbound proxy to your setup
  2. HI @vageesh welcome! It is hard to say but it appears that you've misconfigured the API url. Your API responds with an appropriate error with 'curl -v -X PUT' So check your monster config.js and ensure the URL is similar to this ^
  3. You would set the callflow's "numbers":["11"] with a flow of {"module":"resources", "data":{"to_did":"{NUMBER}"}} (as an example).
  4. You may need to add devices, create callflows for those devices, etc. See https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/configure_kazoo/ Or load monster-ui and smartpbx to set that stuff up if you prefer the UI route.
  5. Revisit the kamailio section: https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/install_via_centos7/#setting-up-kamailio And check that you've configured things as explained in the doc.
  6. Hi Ash, First, welcome! Glad you're here! I would start by looking at the SDP in the A-leg's INVITE to see codecs offered, as well as what codecs are then offered to the B-leg from FreeSWITCH. Could be a transcoding issue or misconfigured codec selection. Payload type 0 is typically PCMU but you're log shows PCMA being used. Perhaps look into what codecs FreeSWITCH thinks are loaded? `fs_cli -x 'show codecs'` should list `codec,G.711 ulaw,CORE_PCM_MODULE` among others.
  7. You can disable call_waiting on the device or user config: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/crossbar/doc/users/#call_waiting
  8. @Shah are you creating one connector doc per PBX or one doc for all the PBXes?
  9. @Pargat sounds like, unfortunately, a lot of spam and malicious traffic originates from various countries; operations has blocked large swaths of IP blocks to combat it and you appear to have been caught up in that. We're working on getting a mirrored host up so that folks like you can access the repos without needing to resort to a proxy or VPN. More to come!
  10. Not aware of any restrictions (asking around). Can you try fetching that URL with wget or cURL and see what they say?
  11. You cannot, SUP is only for the cluster administrator. What are you trying to do as a sub-account that you need them to use SUP for?
  12. @fmateo05 hope its more of a temporary break But if not, wish you well and thank you for all you've contributed! You're always welcome here.
  13. Hi @naveed6865 can you please start a new post (it appears like you're thread-jacking unintentionally). Please use the search facility as well as I believe this question has answers. If not, please make a new post! Thanks
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