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  1. mc_

    Java Connectivity for Kazoo

    Hi @Syed Hasan! Most of the docs around the APIs (such as devices) include example cURL commands to get you started. Most languages have HTTP clients so you should be able to start playing with the APIs using your client of choice in your language of choice. I'm not aware of any pre-existing Java SDKs for Kazoo's APIs though. We're obviously happy to help answer your questions if you want to provide one to the community though!
  2. mc_

    rfc4235 and rfc4662

    Sponsor-able by anyone. I believe the development rate is affected by whether the work will go into the open source Kazoo project or be a closed source project specifically for you. Contact sales@2600hz.com to get more information on sponsorship and your options there.
  3. mc_


    You can setup a device to auth by IP address by setting the device's "sip.ip" and "sip.method" = "ip".
  4. mc_

    rfc4235 and rfc4662

    Appears that RFC 4662 is on the roadmap but no timeline afaict. It is sponsor-able though, so if its the only thing holding you back, that could be an option too.
  5. mc_

    rfc4235 and rfc4662

    AFAICT Kamailio supports RFC 4662 (https://www.kamailio.org/w/interoperability/) So Kazoo should support it or adding support should be straightforward. Can't speak authoritatively on that though; have you tried it?
  6. mc_

    Kazoo in IMS

    Kazoo is API driven so I suppose if the IMS environment has a way to write adapters to talk to Kazoo it should be possible. Do you have a system in mind?
  7. mc_

    Open Source Dev Community Call


    Every two weeks is correct.
  8. mc_

    Open Source Dev Community Call


    @Te Matau 9:30 Pacific, so yeah, 16:30-17:00 now with the time change. One day the forum will have proper timezone support!
  9. mc_

    KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    @Mike Montgomery From reading the list, everything not Qubicle-related is in the open source project.
  10. mc_

    Open Source Dev Community Call


    @Dhruv yes, please type "community" as instructed in the event description
  11. mc_

    Unable to get the kazoo atlassian wiki page

    Probably though I find the docs site comes up using duckduckgo. I don't think we've tuned it much and should probably add redirects from the wiki somehow. The big push is getting content moved over; making it discoverable to the search engines hasn't been prioritized yet.
  12. mc_

    Unable to get the kazoo atlassian wiki page

    The wiki is in the process of being deprecated. Some of the pages were "auto-imported" into the docs site but require refreshing and updating to render properly. For instance, the SUP page can be found here. It needs love though; want to make the updates and issue a pull request? There's an edit link on the page if you're signed into Github.
  13. until
    This is a make-up call for Dec 19th with James, Karl, and 2600Hz engineers to talk all things 2600Hz with developers from around our community. Join us on Townhall: https://townhall.2600hz.com/ room is "community" 9:30-10:00 PT (17:30-18:00 UTC)
  14. mc_

    Open Source Dev Community Call


    @CBV David Sorry! There was a need to update the certs used which was supposed to be a quick update/restart but things spiraled out of control fast. OPS had to rebuild a bunch of stuff (including compiling FreeSWITCH which is never fast). Looks like this one flopped hard. I'll see if we can do a makeup later in the week.
  15. mc_

    Open Source Dev Community Call


    @CBV David the call is in 30 minutes. Don't use the keypad to enter; just type in on your keyboard the room name. https://townhall.2600hz.com/