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  1. SaaS Support

    Hi @Luigi and welcome! You will want to check out our Global Infrastructure program. You can also reach out to the sales team to talk through your requirements, hopes, and dreams. They'll walk you through your options, give you a demo of what the platform looks like, etc.
  2. Basic SIPp scripting: https://github.com/2600hz/community-scripts/tree/master/sipp And make-busy: https://github.com/2600hz/make-busy Though make-busy is getting an overhaul to be more friendly to test writers!
  3. To add more, will your devices be doing HD audio? Video? Lots of transcoding between WebRTC (using OPUS) and PSTN (using PCMU)? Conferencing? If so, how many participants? Support for SIP over TCP/TLS/VPN/etc (basically non-UDP)? SRTP? Fax? Expected CPS and concurrent calls? Lots of presence/BLF/other features? As mentioned, you can create more zones to isolate load based on geography (typically). You can throw bigger hardware at the problem. You can buy bigger and bigger pipes. You can host and get cross-connects in the same data-centers with your upstream providers. But there's no magic formula for inputting X devices and getting Y infrastructure costs. There are best practices that get you pretty far but eventually something will crack and you'll need good monitoring to detect those cracks. So, yes, Kazoo can be (and is) deployed to support 250K+ devices. As you grow, different parts of the infrastructure will fall down and need improvement, and where those spots are tend to be unique values for each installation (esp since usage patterns tend to vary greatly). We can be your partner in that journey to 250K and anticipate a lot of the growing pains
  4. schema user_auth not found

    Sounds like the schemas haven't been loaded into the database. Try 'sup kapps_maintenance refresh system_schemas` to force a reload of schemas, then try your create command again. You probably want to remove the account db (and modb), and the account doc from the 'accounts' db.
  5. ACDC Strategy options

    AFAIR there is no ring-all strategy.
  6. You can test it out by setting "sip.custom_sip_headers.in.X-Geolocation" on the device doc. This will set the header on outbound calls from the device (Kazoo typically uses in[bound] to mean coming to Kazoo from the endpoint). But it doesn't address the room/floor question.
  7. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    What about signing emails with PGP?