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DuraFone-Pro/SIP by Engenius


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Hello 2600 community.  Is there anyone out there that is currently using this phone (DuraFone-Pro/SIP) on the 2600 platform?  I know its not currently supported on the platform but I want to know if anyone out there has figured out a way to interop and get this working for their customer.  Please provide any feedback possible.  Thank you in advance

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@Jacques That phone is a unit that recieves Analog "Lines" into the base, and distributes the signal to the cordless phones. The phones can also call each other via DURAFON extension to extension dialing. I have looked at those because of the long range that they have, but haven't implemented them. 


Integration into the platform is as easy as setting up an ATA and connecting to Line 1 of the DURAFON base station. 


This unit would NOT have special provisioning on the platform. Just program up an ATA and test it out. 


Hope that helps!


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SO I am still having trouble getting this phone to register on the kazoo platform.  Can anyone help me with this?  Has anyone used this phone or any other phone really that is "not supported" by the 2600 platform and were able to get it registered?  I have got my provisioning URL in there.  I am connecting this phone at home via my Century Link home internet.  Need help asap, on a deadline.  Thanks in advance

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