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  1. @Mitch Welcome to the world of Yealink Custom Configs!!! Are you looking for a step by step on how to add/make changes via configs, so that the phone gets it's programming, versus you getting into the web interface every time? esoare
  2. I am running into this with another client. The Outside call can press just a digit from the Menu to be routed to the correct group of people/devices. Press 1, or "Dial extension 199" will call 201 User then also 202 User. Then you can have the Internal BLF's/Extensions/CallFlow for 201, and 202 be normally built. So how about changing the "extension" the outside caller dials to 199? Otherwise you might look at doing something like this below....may get messy with BLF's though...I haven't tried the below, but I figure if 2011 device is on the phone, then BLF 2011 and BLF 199 will both turn on. @Jack Noe The question is, can you go with 3 BLF keys? 1) BLF Presence ID 199 at the User level for the outside call - 2 Devices have to be placed under the User though. 2) BLF Presence ID 2011 at the Device level for Inside calls 2011 3) BLF Presence ID 2012 at the Device level for Inside calls 2012 Hope that helps! esoare
  3. This is a cool tip. Clicking on the account the MAC address is found in, will put you into the account straight away!
  4. Took a bit of time and looked through Product Board Roadmap - 2600Hz Community - If you want to add to the Roadmap, or put in your two cents. That's the place to do it! Best, esoare
  5. So I noticed that the "SMTP email" wasn't in the gui anymore. 2-20-2021. It's just the Realm... So " Ten-Digit-Fax@Realm " Realm = Fully Qualified Domain Name Hope that helps also.
  6. That is a great question @RuhNet! Can some one chime in and let us know what issues there have been with v85…?
  7. @G2G I did this today for a client.... They wanted a recording about a snow day to play, and then calls to continue as they normally do for business hours 899 will be where the main number for the business comes in. There is a Time 24x7 that is what it says, S-S 00:00-23:59 every day. The 900 Call Flow is the next Call flow with Time You have the Work Week M-F, 8am-5pm... These are the two Call flows that interest us. Setup this Call Flow with TTS: "Hello, I can help you open and close your office manually. For instance you may want to force your office to be closed during a holiday. Or, may want force your office to be opened if you will be staying late. A quick note before we get started, please do not end this call early or your system may not behave as expected. I will hang up the call when we are all finished. To reset your office back to the schedule setup when your system was configured, please press 1. To manually close your office, please press 2. To manually open your office, please press 3. To Manually set a recording for Snow_Or other event closure_ Press 4. Thank you" Then Setup a BLF on the receptionist phone emergency_change_business_schedule When Button 1 is pressed - Everything Normal - BLF light Blank When Button 2 is pressed - Business Closed - BLF light Solid Red When Button 3 is pressed - Business Is Open - BLF light Solid Red When Button 4 is pressed - Weather Message - BLF light Flashing Red I Tried to rack my brain on how to do it with 1 Call Flow and more options, but had to resort to what I did with 2 Call Flows and Times above. (You of course have your Day/Night Call flows also to setup. Hope that helps someone! esoare p.s. thanks again to those that put the original effort into documenting things! *96
  8. PBX (old school Nortel) that was FBA - Forward Busy Allowed. There isn't a way on the User (at least not on the GUI) to set that. I can't see anything in Advanced Call Flows, or Smart PBX... Might have to be built, or API, or Some other back end mojo... esoare
  9. I recommend - Transfer + *666 = Add number that called you to Black List.... Of course, it MIGHT be helpful to select a Customer requested extension, versus a "Static- Feature Code"!! My 2cents. esoare
  10. You were right @Karl Stallknecht! I went ahead and edited the Macro in the Excel file (just commented out the stuff with sd) and the file it created had 0 mentions of 'sd', so you don't have to edit the xml file manually. Thanks for helping out and sharing your knowledge! esoare directory_generator-edited removed sd.xlsm
  11. @Karl Stallknecht I was giving this a go with a test vvx-410. Thanks for the write up by the way!! But when testing this out, it places the contacts from the Directory as Buttons on the phone...seems unusual to me... I have uploaded the test .xml that I used... Can you provide any clarity as to: a) that is normal / b) that's odd! Thanks! esoare p.s. @Dhruv Use this excel Macro to create the directory. Follow @Karl Stallknecht post above to create the directory properly. 000000000000-directory.xml directory_generator.xlsm
  12. @Jack Noe So you will be using that for your solution? If you are, I'll mark your answer as the Best Answer. esoare
  13. @naveed6865 I moved your post to a new Thread.,.. Below is a post for creating a repeat menu key... What you have to do (if you are using CallFlows) is have a repeat key, go to another call flow. Then have that CallFlow point back to the original CallFlow...
  14. Moved Post @mc_ referenced to new topic. esoare
  15. @avig2 , @Logicwrath, @Karl Stallknecht I think this happens whenever a device is touched in "Smart PBX"! If you EVER touch Device's in Smart PBX, and save... the Combo Key's in the device in Smart PBX are saved...which could be nothing! @avig2 I would have changed the SRTP inside Advanced Call Flows, since you changed things in Advanced Provisioner... @Logicwrath I think there should be a check to see if Combo Key's have been changed in Advanced Provisioner, or AT LEAST a message, saying "DON'T SAVE device in Smart PBX if you CHANGED ANYTHING in Advanced Provisioner!!!" my paltry two cents. I know why it happens, I can't fix it, I just avoid it now, and try to spread the "why it happens". esoare
  16. Any open source community members have input into this question by @SIPGuy??? esoare
  17. @avig2 Get access through support to https://sandbox.2600hz.com/ . Have a couple of test phones 3-4. And you can do all sorts of testing there! Bonus is that you can see what is planned on the apps. Hope that helps! esoare
  18. @avig2 You either stick with Smart PBX or Advanced Call Flows! I am guessing you just haven't assigned a Device to the user in Option 1. If that is accurate, you will need to put the Voicemail Box under the User for Option 1. In Advanced CallFlows, you are setting up with the call when you press 1. It will try the User -> Devices for the user, then if those aren't reached, what does your Call Flow above do? Nothing! It hangs up! You need to specifically put a Mailbox under the User! There isn't a technical issue with using two different manufactures/devices being assigned to the same User, BUT from an administrative standpoint, and a Support standpoint, it is a nightmare (in my opinion). I recommend you have them/you sell those VVX401's (after factory reset) and get T46's, or even better T54W's, (they have WiFI built in) for those home office people. The only other thing I would do for home is CallThru.us or Comm.io.... esoare
  19. Ping. Ran into the 5 digit serial number being requested today, on a Yealink T42S 83.0.50 firmware. This phone has only been on the 2600hz platform. esoare p.s. this was discussed on a business partner call, and there wasn't supposed to be any issues/5 digit code required....
  20. @avig2 What you may want to do, is before the Menu. Drag over the Caller-ID - Prepend to put the name of the new entity, or business organization for the number ( High Priority, Company2) Then Drag the Menu option on top of the Prepend. Then Drag another "Action" onto the Menu you created. The System will ask you which "option" you want that to be. 1,2,3,etc... Always make sure to add a "Default" option, even if its the same as Option '0' esoare
  21. Can you give an update on what happened @avig2 ? Just so we get 'closure' on this post. esoare
  22. @Jack Noe @Karl Stallknecht - I know this doesn't speak to the "without kazoo" portion of your post! On Yealink's you can have a BLF key. Use the Intercom Feature Code *0 (Kazoo Part) + BLF Button of user/device you want to call. This will allow for the two way call. That 'might' be an option? But I don't know polycom's. esoare
  23. @avig2 have you looked at Debug app, to see if all the phones are registered? On this account, have you used Smart PBX or Advanced Call Flows for this account? Do you have CallThru.us app active for this account/users? esoare
  24. Are you sure the devices don’t have the same SIP username/password? that may be the issue... esoare p.s. Hope you get this resolved Monday!
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