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Unable to make successful call.


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Hi Users,

I have installed kazoo 4.3 version and i am not able to make successful call between two users. When i try to make call it get answered by FreeSWITCH and does not ring to the B-Party. It just plays some comfort noise to A-Party.

I have attached FreeSWITCH logs for details (i saw the SIP logs works good, there is no issue with that).


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Interesting that the mod_kazoo processes in your logs restart the event streams. I suspect your packet framing sizes are mismatched between ecallmgr and mod_kazoo. Check those settings (there's a recent thread about it) and hopefully that addresses the issue.

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@mc_ Thanks for reply, i did searched some related stuff but could not find a clue. Can you please share that link with me. 

Many Thanks


I found it, adding it here for future reference (so other users can see it).

Check 'sup kapps_config get_integer ecallmgr tcp_packet_type' and compare to /etc/kazoo/freeswitch/autoload_configs/kazoo.conf.xml's 'event-stream-framing'; they should match.


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