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  1. after that kazoo back-end send an email to your email inbox(if your email was valid). this email contain a recovery link. the only job you should do, click to link and enter new password.
  2. method: PUT url: http://[server-addr]:8000/v2/user_auth/recovery body:{ "data": { "username": "your@email.com", "account_realm": "your_acc_realm", "ui_url": "http://[main_monsterUI_login_page_addr]" } }
  3. Hi all. Thank's @Emily R for your response. I have a problem with ACDC, but I can't solve this so far. Agents automatically logged out from the queue, I don't know why and I can't find any solution for that.
  4. I think this is related to Qubicle queue, check the Media and Quebicle API.
  5. Hi Jack. can you explain more? you have problem with callflows or queue?
  6. did you: - create a new device(softphone)? - assign the device to a user? - create callflow for user? and make sure how many devices were assigned to the user.
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