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Push Role for Linphone


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I am having issue in setting up kazoo pusher for Linphone Ios. New version of Linphone and ios > ver 13, dont have pn-tok or pn-type attributes, but rather it has different attributes comming in contact header, so may i know what value we have to put in the following document


             "User-Agents": {
                              "your_app": {
                                  "regex": "^your_app.*$",
                                  "properties": {
                                      "Token-App": "app-id",
                                      "Token-Type": "pn-type",
                                      "Token-ID": "pn-tok"

There are two tokens used in linphone app, one is for Voip and other is for remote. Currently the contact header has following params


  • pn-prid=00fc13adff78512:voip&c11292f7b74733d:remote
  • pn-param=DEF123GHIJ.org.linphone.phone.voip&remote
  • pn-provider=apns

Please anybody able to configure new linphone on kazoo pusher?



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Kazoo use legacy (very outdated) firebase push notification. Linphone removed legacy push notification from their SDK in 5.1 SDK. Latest linphone-android version which was able to use legacy notification was 4.5.6.

The only hope that 2600hz team will implement Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1) support in feature releases.

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