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  1. I think repo is blocked for your IP or country. Try to change internet and see. I faced this issue and fixed by changing to UK ip.
  2. Hello @Joseph Watson Thanks for the reply. Yes i noticed that if any of the node dont respond to rabbitmq, then i think this issue comes. Is there any way we can move this data to some other Cluster actively? I mean if we simply backup and restore the couchDB database to some other server, it gives this shard error. Somebody mention to change the shard manually, but if there are around 1000+ Docs need to change, who we can do that effectively? Regards Naveed
  3. Ok i managed to fixed this, removed the one bogus cluster node from Bigcouch DB and after that its working. Thanks Naveed
  4. Hello I am also facing same issue when creating the account. I get the error 07:36:17.678 [error] |896ed795c4b53ea80b05793af26ae47a|kz_couch_db:50(<0.15686.2>) failed to create database account%2F05%2F6d%2F24901ce1d911ada86ef8b34206e8: {bad_response,{500,[{<<"X-Couch-Request-ID">>,<<"7bee89c5">>},{<<"Server">>,<<"CouchDB/1.1.1 (Erlang OTP/R15B03)">>},{<<"Date">>,<<"Fri, 20 Mar 2020 07:36:17 GMT">>},{<<"Content-Type">>,<<"application/json">>},{<<"Content-Length">>,<<"51">>},{<<"Cache-Control">>,<<"must-revalidate">>}],<<"{\"error\":\"error\",\"reason\":\"internal_server_error\"}\n">>}} 07:36:17.686 [critical] |896ed795c4b53ea80b05793af26ae47a|kz_couch_util:69(<0.15686.2>) response code 500 not expected : <<"{\"error\":\"internal_server_error\",\"reason\":\"No DB shards could be opened.\",\"stack\":[\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\"]}\n">> 07:36:17.686 [error] |896ed795c4b53ea80b05793af26ae47a|cb_accounts:1457(<0.15686.2>) failed to delete services: error: function_clause are you able to fix this, I have single cluster node, This issue happened, when i changed the hostname of server and after this we are unable to add more accounts, We changed back to old hostname, but we are stucked here now, We can create phones and users fine. there is no issue, Just accounts are not being created any more. Please advise Regards Naveed
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