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  1. if Media is not working, then go to freeswitch configs and change ext-sip-ip and ext-rtp-ip to your public ip since SDP is running through freeswitch, Kamailio is only handling sip signaling.
  2. I think repo is blocked for your IP or country. Try to change internet and see. I faced this issue and fixed by changing to UK ip.
  3. ok guys i am really sorry about this, I will start new post. Thanks Naveed
  4. Hello Mate how we can repeat menu in kazoo? Like press * to repeat menu? Regards Naveed
  5. These are used to display logs of fax sent using Email to Fax gateway method. When you send email to Fax gateway, it process that email and convert it into fax and then send it to your outbound carrier, that email log is displayed here Regards Naveed
  6. Hello @FASTDEVICE May i know how you write the callflow for fax detect? Regards Naveed
  7. Hello @Joseph Watson Thanks for the reply. Yes i noticed that if any of the node dont respond to rabbitmq, then i think this issue comes. Is there any way we can move this data to some other Cluster actively? I mean if we simply backup and restore the couchDB database to some other server, it gives this shard error. Somebody mention to change the shard manually, but if there are around 1000+ Docs need to change, who we can do that effectively? Regards Naveed
  8. Ok i managed to fixed this, removed the one bogus cluster node from Bigcouch DB and after that its working. Thanks Naveed
  9. Hello I am also facing same issue when creating the account. I get the error 07:36:17.678 [error] |896ed795c4b53ea80b05793af26ae47a|kz_couch_db:50(<0.15686.2>) failed to create database account%2F05%2F6d%2F24901ce1d911ada86ef8b34206e8: {bad_response,{500,[{<<"X-Couch-Request-ID">>,<<"7bee89c5">>},{<<"Server">>,<<"CouchDB/1.1.1 (Erlang OTP/R15B03)">>},{<<"Date">>,<<"Fri, 20 Mar 2020 07:36:17 GMT">>},{<<"Content-Type">>,<<"application/json">>},{<<"Content-Length">>,<<"51">>},{<<"Cache-Control">>,<<"must-revalidate">>}],<<"{\"error\":\"error\",\"reason\":\"internal_server_error\"}\n">>}} 07:36:17.686 [critical] |896ed795c4b53ea80b05793af26ae47a|kz_couch_util:69(<0.15686.2>) response code 500 not expected : <<"{\"error\":\"internal_server_error\",\"reason\":\"No DB shards could be opened.\",\"stack\":[\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\",\"bad entry in stacktrace\"]}\n">> 07:36:17.686 [error] |896ed795c4b53ea80b05793af26ae47a|cb_accounts:1457(<0.15686.2>) failed to delete services: error: function_clause are you able to fix this, I have single cluster node, This issue happened, when i changed the hostname of server and after this we are unable to add more accounts, We changed back to old hostname, but we are stucked here now, We can create phones and users fine. there is no issue, Just accounts are not being created any more. Please advise Regards Naveed
  10. Great ma, thanks a lot, it fixed. you are the man
  11. Hi I am facing strange issue with kazoo. I dial *97 to check voicemail but i hear only dead air in the calls. In the kazoo.log file i see following error 14:09:05.815 [error] |0000000000|Undefined:Undefined(<0.23393.2>) gen_server <0.23393.2> terminated with reason: decode_error 14:09:05.815 [error] |0000000000|Undefined:Undefined(<0.23381.2>) gen_server <0.23381.2> terminated with reason: decode_error 14:09:05.815 [error] |0000000000|Undefined:Undefined(<0.23393.2>) CRASH REPORT Process <0.23393.2> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: decode_error in gen_server:terminate/7 line 812 14:09:05.816 [error] |0000000000|Undefined:Undefined(<0.23381.2>) CRASH REPORT Process <0.23381.2> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: decode_error in gen_server:terminate/7 line 812 14:09:05.816 [error] |0000000000|Undefined:Undefined(<0.23292.2>) Supervisor 'ecallmgr_fs_event_stream_sup_freeswitch@kazoo.asterlinkcomms.com' had child ['PRESENCE_IN'] started with ecallmgr_fs_event_stream:start_link('freeswitch@kazoo.asterlinkcomms.com', ['PRESENCE_IN'], undefined) at <0.23393.2> exit with reason decode_error in context shutdown_error seems its related to erlang or rabbitmq . not sure, all services are up and running without any error. Regards Naveed
  12. ok here is that [root@kazoo ~]# sup ecallmgr_maintenance carrier_acls +--------------------------------+--------------------+---------------+-------+------------------+----------------------------------+ | Name | CIDR | List | Type | Authorizing Type | ID | +================================+====================+===============+=======+==================+==================================+ | terminationVPBX | | trusted | allow | system_config | | +--------------------------------+--------------------+---------------+-------+------------------+----------------------------------+ and for acl_summary [root@kazoo ~]# sup ecallmgr_maintenance acl_summary +--------------------------------+--------------------+---------------+-------+------------------+----------------------------------+ | Name | CIDR | List | Type | Authorizing Type | ID | +================================+====================+===============+=======+==================+==================================+ | kamailio@kazoo.asterlinkcomms. | | authoritative | allow | system_config | | | terminationVPBX | | trusted | allow | system_config | | +--------------------------------+--------------------+---------------+-------+------------------+----------------------------------+ i dont know what acl_summary is differnt as compared to previous command which you sent me. Regards Naveed Hello I have fixed this, need to add the carrier ip using this command, sup -n ecallmgr ecallmgr_maintenance allow_carrier Thanks for your help, do let me know what is difference between sup -n ecallmgr ecallmgr_maintenance allow_carrier and sup ecallmgr_maintenance allow_carrier Regards Naveed
  13. Thanks for your reply . Ok i did that, its showing the kamailio ip is in the ACL but still freeswitch is rejecting it, here is freeswitch logs 2019-12-19 19:55:20.066474 [DEBUG] sofia.c:10004 checking against acl authoritative 2019-12-19 19:55:20.066474 [INFO] sofia.c:10006 is a proxy according to the authoritative acl 2019-12-19 19:55:20.066474 [DEBUG] sofia.c:10016 network ip is a proxy 2019-12-19 19:55:20.066474 [DEBUG] sofia.c:10020 found auth ip [X-AUTH-IP] header of [] 2019-12-19 19:55:20.066474 [DEBUG] sofia.c:10044 IP Rejected by acl "trusted". Falling back to Digest auth. and here is the output of command [root@kazoo ~]# sup -n ecallmgr ecallmgr_maintenance sbc_acls +--------------------------------+--------------------+---------------+-------+------------------+----------------------------------+ | Name | CIDR | List | Type | Authorizing Type | ID | +================================+====================+===============+=======+==================+==================================+ | kam1 | | authoritative | allow | system_config | | | kamailio@kazoo.asterlinkcomms. | | authoritative | allow | system_config | | +--------------------------------+--------------------+---------------+-------+------------------+----------------------------------+ Regards Naveed
  14. Hello I am testing kazoo DID and i have added the DID vendor IP using sup into carrier allow list and its there in trusted acl list. The issue is that when call comes to freeswitch it found the carrier ip in X-AUTH-IP, but it rejects its own server ip using authortivative ACL list, What i am missing here? according to freeswitch, the X-AUTH-ACL is used for proxy authentiation and it should use X-AUTH-IP to check trusted ACL list but its checking authorative ACL. Please advise Regards Naveed
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