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  1. Will be nice to have an update on this topic...
  2. @DanH is there any updates on the billing part?
  3. Well, at least cover this particular area: https://github.com/2600hz/docs-sysadmin/blob/master/doc/kazoo/service-plans.md As you can see in this document - it was last updated back in Dec 13, 2017. I guess it was really outdated. Will be nice to have it covered as much as possible especially with latest changes and additions to Kazoo platform.
  4. Hi DanH, I will greatly appreciate if you can do a course for billing. The documentation for it is very outdated and make it very hard to make it work the right way. From what I can see - when 4.3 came out, billing stop working as it was working before and not much people can explain what to do with it now.
  5. Is there any ETA when v5 will be available for general public?
  6. Wow! That would be great! I will be happy to see it! Billing and provisioning part is something which everyone need more information.
  7. Did you disable firewall and SELinux? # systemctl disable firewalld
  8. I have the same question. Where do I specify fax format? I can only download .tiff, but not a PDF document. libtiff-tools are installed.
  9. I'm pretty sure that all SIP enabled devices will work, but here is list of model which 2600hz support in provisioner audiocodes420 bria cisco_spa3xx_301g cisco_spa3xx_303g cisco_spa5xx_501g cisco_spa5xx_502g cisco_spa5xx_504g cisco_spa5xx_508g cisco_spa5xx_509g cisco_spa5xx_512g cisco_spa5xx_514g cisco_spa5xx_525g2 cisco_spa5xx_525g cisco_spa9xx_901 cisco_spa9xx_921 cisco_spa9xx_922 cisco_spa9xx_941 cisco_spa9xx_942 cisco_spa9xx_962 grandstream_gxp21xx_gxp2130 grandstream_gxp21xx_gxp2135 grandstream_gxp21xx_gxp2140 grandstream_gxp21xx_gxp2160 grandstream_gxp21xx_gxp2170 grandstreamht502 grandstream_ht_ht502fax grandstream_ht_ht502 grandstream_ht_ht704fax grandstream_ht_ht704 htc_831c htc_x325c lg_d820 lg_h790 lg_ls670 obihai_10xx_1022 obihai_10xx_1032 obihai_10xx_1062 obihai_2xx_200 obihai_2xx_202 obihai_3xx_300 obihai_3xx_302 obihai_5xx_504vs obihai_5xx_508vs polycom_spip_301 polycom_spip_320 polycom_spip_321 polycom_spip_330 polycom_spip_331 polycom_spip_335 polycom_spip_430 polycom_spip_450 polycom_spip_501 polycom_spip_550 polycom_spip_560 polycom_spip_600 polycom_spip_601 polycom_spip_650 polycom_spip_670 polycom_ssip_4000 polycom_ssip_5000 polycom_ssip_6000 polycom_ssip_7000 polycom_vvx_1500 polycom_vvx_300 polycom_vvx_301 polycom_vvx_310 polycom_vvx_311 polycom_vvx_400 polycom_vvx_401 polycom_vvx_410 polycom_vvx_411 polycom_vvx_500 polycom_vvx_600 samsung_g930 samsung_l710 x-lite yealink_cp_cp860 yealink_t1x_t18p yealink_t1x_t19pe2 yealink_t1x_t19p yealink_t2x_t20p yealink_t2x_t21pe2 yealink_t2x_t21p yealink_t2x_t22p yealink_t2x_t23g yealink_t2x_t23p yealink_t2x_t26p yealink_t2x_t27p yealink_t2x_t28p yealink_t2x_t29g yealink_t3x_t32g yealink_t3x_t38g yealink_t4x_t41p yealink_t4x_t42g yealink_t4x_t46g yealink_t4x_t48g yealink_w5x_w52p zoiper
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