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Conference features - Mute thru phone

Jack Noe

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Hi Jack:

Yes, you can mute a single caller or all callers using the conference app if you have "Moderator" status in the conference.
When you are logged into a conference using the conference manager app, you can "View" the live call  (live conferences are shaded as active), by finding your conference call number, and then the Eye icon to it.  

conferences select view conference.png

The next screen shows the conference activity:

conferences view and mute members.png

  • The top mute option is to mute all participants.  
  • If you only want to mute the one hammering on a keyboard or whose dog is barking, then you can use the microphone within each participant's box

As far as using your own hardware to mute yourself, I have had luck using the mute on my headset and on my cell phone.  I have not used the Feature Code on a desk phone but it likely will work.  

I hope this helps?



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