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  1. I have yealink T42S phones, They wont provision correctly, on the screen It says sign in, user sign in or web sign in When select user sign in it asks for username password and website url When i select web sign in, its give me a URL which pairs with the computer, whatever. Sounds like it's configured with Microsoft or something like that. Resetting to factory doesnt help. When i try pairing it gives me this url: http://aka.ms/sphone with a code, Does anyone know how to reset it to factory ?
  2. Hi! Did I explain myself good enough ? is my user story and solution understood ?
  3. Hi. Is it possible to have a user or device have 2 presence ID's ? User story: We have an account where when dialing extension 201, it routes to device 201, then to device 202 etc, a long route. But the customer wants that when dialing internally to extension 201 or to 202 etc it should not ring the whole route but to 201or 202 direct. The long route should work only when dialing 201 from outside of the office. Solution: So the solution I think, to set in the BLF keys on the VVX phones they have, The BLF keys will route to a hidden extension 2011 for example, which will go directly to 201, and not the long route. The issue is, the customer wants to monitor incoming calls to other extensions, so if we make the presence ID 201 and 202 etc how can we have the device have a presence ID of 2011 and 2022 etc as well ? Thanks
  4. Thanks ! Do you have the correct numbers to put in for the tone to be louder ?
  5. Hi All. We have a Yealink T29G Customer isn't happy with the low tone for call waiting beeps. Does anyone have a script to upload to make the call waiting beep louder, or in the phone in settings, tones, what numbers to put in so the tone will be louder ?
  6. Hi all! Can anyone please advise how to create a polycom directory, so i can add it my server and the add the URL in the Kazoo advanced provisioner. We have VVX 400 and VVX 410 Basically we want to have a directory of all users in the account, so each phone can have the directory. Thanks
  7. Thanks What i really want is to know the missed calls, that were not handles by agents. When i search Rejected by activity logs , it does not show me the name and number of caller rejected. So how can i know which calls were rejected.
  8. Just 1 more question to add. Is there any way I can monitor missed calls, being that calls rejected are not accurate as they might be calls that were picked up on the second ring. How can we monitor missed calls ?
  9. Hi! Is it possible for a manager to monitor the agents in the queue ? We want the manager to see the agents on a call, or calls ringing to the agents
  10. Hi Good morning. Regarding the conference manager app, there is the option when logged in to the portal, to mute or unmute the call. Can the moderator do this on the phone as well with a star code?
  11. Hi All. We have a customer requesting us, to have the call center start with user A, and only if user A is busy the call should start with the rest of the users. So in other words, the main receptionist should always have priority to receive the calls, and only if on call, should the calls route to user B. Is this possible ?
  12. Thank you! Im thinking now, of an alternate solution. if i can upload the media file to each phone in the facility, and have an alert info, that will trigger this ring, so when calling the phones with the alert info, this message will play as a ring tone. I just have 1 issue. I can upload a ring tone to the vvx polycom phones. I can also set an alert info for a ringtone that is with polycom for example low trill etc. But i cannot set an alert info for the custom ring tone i uploaded, it just wont recognize it. See example. test45.cfg bustest12.wav
  13. Hi all! Customer: Day care center. Director wants to announce every day when the buses arrive , to all phones in the building , that the buses are here, and the assistants should start getting the children ready. Currently he pages all phones and make the announcement, each day again. Is it possible to have a media set up in advance and when the buses come, the director will press a button or speed dial which will send the media thru the phones ? Can it be done thru Kazoo itself ? Or at least will it work with any outside device ? Thank you!
  14. Grandstream ATA's have a limit call duration. I saw it on the HT801 Thanks !
  15. Hi all. We have a supermarket, that has a phone for the public use. But they want to restrict the outgoing calls to only 2 minutes. The call should cut off after 2 minutes. So people wont abuse the phone and only call out for quick calls. They currently have a Cisco ATA but we can go with Yealink or VVX as well, if thats easier to implement. Please let me know if there is any way to implement this, that the phone should disconnect after 2 minutes. Thanks !
  16. Hi GM! We have a Cisco 504G phone. We would like to have a line key configured as a park and retrieve button for example *31. We use the hosted platform, so we can set up thru the provisioning if possible, or we can set this in the phone itself if needed. Thank you!
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