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ACDc recording and announcements


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Hi All

We are testing ACDc queue, everything is fine so far, however, we are facing hard time to make recording work with queue, according to this documentation  we only have to set this flag "record_caller" to true, unfortunately, call recording is not working and nothing exist in kazoo logs, anyone faced same issue with ACDc queue?

In addition, announcements like announce position and waiting time is behaving incorrectly, it only announce when the call is picked up by one of the agents not according to the set interval, following instructions in this documentation  

Below you can find json body used to create the queue I am discussing above:

"name":"Support Queue",


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I have not tried recording with ACDC, but am experiencing the same thing with position announcements. It doesn't announce during the hold music, instead waits till the end and says multiple times "you are position X in the queue" "you are position X in the queue""you are position X in the queue"....

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I'm starting to test ACDC announcements now, did you ever work this out?

also, I see the 'moh' key is what controls the music when a caller enters the queue. I can't work out what the 'announce' key is supposed to do, it seemed like it would be for playing a short "Connecting you now" message when the agent picks up but it's not that. Anyone? 😬

edit: I added some more options to the callflows-ng monster UI to make setting up queues easier


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Hi @bpbp


We tested both Announcement and Queue position, both are faulty and not reliable, will be happy to share some logs if someone could dig deeper into the code and fix it.


On the other side, is ACDC queue working well for you? we encounter an issue that after a while, customers calls a queue number, they hear the music but agents devices are not ringing (they are not notified of the call), when we restart ACDC module and service, it works again!



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That's sad to hear. Might have to keep some FreePBX VMs around :( In my limited testing it's working well so far as far as calling in and agent's devices ringing but I have not tried with lots of calls and agents yet.

There has been some PRs to ACDC on 4.3 recently



Hopefully they resolve some of the issues? Looks like that release is still "staging" and not ready for release though

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