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  1. until

    Hey. What do you think about this setting:
  2. You must set-up the device configuration on zoiper like: Username: <device username> Hostname: <Realm> Password: <device password> Outbound Proxy: <server ip address>:7000
  3. until

    Hello. I briefly joined to the today's conference.
  4. host=<proxy-ip-address> from-domain=20201126085320.sip.XXXX.com Register string: register => sip-user@20201126085320.sip.XXXX.com:password@<proxy-ip-address>
  5. Check this out: https://upcloud.com/compare/azure/ https://upcloud.com/pricing/
  6. Are you trying the register for use as Normal SIP phone? or to use it as trunking?
  7. For inbound you must add the numbers on the account on full format mode (E.164), then add the carriers ip address to the acls. After that you should assign the numbers to any user or devices (on SmartPBX or Call-flows) For outbound calling you should use the resources API, they can be global (to all accounts) or local to the account. https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/crossbar/doc/resources.md
  8. execute: ss -ln | egrep "7000|5060" it seems that kamailio's IP address is set to on MY_IP_ADDRESS kamailio variable (local.cfg)
  9. You must start up kamailio, kamailio listens on those ports and freeswitch is the media server.
  10. I think you can set up IP based authentication, also you should use DNS service with SRV/NAPTR records for the SBC's IP addresses
  11. Hi all. This is my last post on the community forum. It was a great experience to interact with the staff an all the members that work on each day to make Kazoo a great product. Anyway i am going to research and use Kazoo as my preferred platform, i would collaborate externally on the other social media and will be pending to the new Kazoo 5.x release. Again, thanks to everyone
  12. Ok, there is another way to make it work on the custom_sip_headers section (resources) you can use P-Preferred-Identity Header, it will override the default one (P-Asserted-Identity).
  13. check out this link https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/core/kazoo_endpoint/doc/formatters.md
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