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  1. Did you exec another sup command for check ?. tell me the outputs of hostname and hostname -f commands
  2. As explained in the early replies on this topic. Please use a kind of US based proxy to perform yum install without issues like these (timeout more than 30 seconds). That is if your server/VPS IP is located outside US. Mine is ProxyChains (with a previous search kind of proxy list) https://hidemyna.me/en/proxy-list/?country=US&type=s#list [root@test-kz-rpm ~]# proxychains yum install -y https://packages.2600hz.com/centos/7/stable/2600hz-release/4.3/2600hz-release-4.3-0.el7.centos.noarch.rpm [root@test-kz-rpm ~]# yum --disablerepo="2600hz-stable,freeswitch" install yum-utils [root@test-kz-rpm ~]# proxychains yum-config-manager --disable freeswitch [root@test-kz-rpm ~]# proxychains yum install -y kazoo-rabbitmq
  3. There is an open source carrier app from Baloeng, on github: https://github.com/baloeng/monster-ui-resources
  4. Let them to take their time, in my case I did expose my thoughts about it, some of them frequently happen with other Open Source projects that tends to go in similar situations, will not provide details as they are some on internet. In most cases my goal is and has been to bring asterisk users to explore and migrate them to Kazoo/2600hz, have some success. Some integrations made together with other componets, made the install go more efficient.
  5. I saw the edit history.. Nevermind.. I agree with this.. Just simply be clear, and then we understand.
  6. Give it by closed source; anyway it is already privative software. It is time for develop a fork of any mode. The biggest blow to privative and/or proprietary software is writing good code. Particularly at this time I agree with OSS version but also completely against of open-core philosophy. 'OSS folks' should be reunited to plan some development disregarding any open-core components, and distribute it in parallel with the closed source; i would further give examples (someone of you may already know) about some succesful OSS alternatives that began with closing the source.
  7. Can you try by uncommenting <param name="aggressive-nat-detection" value="true"/> ?
  8. You are right... You are right.
  9. I was installing Sangoma's FreePBX and they started to charge for each important addon after the setup. Will stay on kazoo.
  10. In that case you can use a kind of proxy that exits to USA I remember this happened to my environment when located outsude of USA. Used a proxy or socks5 with IP from there, and the error did stop showing
  11. Continue the install procedure and let me know
  12. Now you can execute yum-config-manager --disable freeswitch and then retry the next yum install
  13. # echo "MYUSERNAMEFORTOKEN"> /etc/yum/vars/signalwireusername # echo ${TOKEN} > /etc/yum/vars/signalwiretoken # yum install wget # wget https://$(< /etc/yum/vars/signalwireusername):$(< /etc/yum/vars/signalwiretoken)@freeswitch.signalwire.com/repo/yum/centos-release/freeswitch-release-repo-0-1.noarch.rpm # rpm -i --replacefiles freeswitch-release-repo-0-1.noarch.rpm Skip these steps by installing freeswitch without them
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